4 tips that can make your wedding a happy and healthy environment

Planning a wedding can be a tedious process that too a Lockdown Marriage because traditional weddings are all about those billion-minute details that could go wrong. While COVID-19 has taken the world by storm, the couples can be creative during the Lockdown wedding preparations and be mindful of their guest’s health.

We know that Lockdown Indian Weddings can keep your schedules busy. If you are already half-way through your wedding preparations and shopping, then it is not worth it to stop it now. It is natural for the couples to be excited about their wedding, but what you can do is take precautions like prepare for Home wedding decorations to avoid any complication. Here are some creative wedding tips that you follow while you prepare for your big day.

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Bounce a few rituals

Amid this global pandemic, the guests are paranoid about traveling for a Lockdown wedding. People are cutting down on their travels and are staying indoors as much as they can, so downsize some rituals and make them a joyful intimate event. With the technology boom, you can live-stream the rituals to people who want to be there but didn’t make the final cut.

It doesn’t take a village

Talk to your kith and kin, keep them in the loop about the Lockdown Indian weddings situation, because the burden falls on guests and vendors as well. Also, encourage your guests to be more mindful and practice social distancing if they are feeling blue. Request your vendors and wedding planners to get their employees tested and make sure that they are wearing a mask and are sanitized, if you are looking forward to a Home Wedding. Look into the guest rooms and make sure that they are clean and sanitized, according to the World Health Organisation’s guidelines and have an on-call doctor, just in case, as you may have guests flying from foreign countries to attend your Lockdown Marriage.

The show needs to go on

If you are planning for a Lockdown marriage in a different location than your home, then do a thorough research on the chosen location and take the necessary steps to avoid complications. Once you are sure about the venue, re-evaluate your guest list for a safe and intimate environment. Keep in constant touch with your vendors to see if they can provide you with any backup options in case of malfunctions.

Return gifts pave a long way to safety

If you are planning for some grand rituals, then distance yourself while greeting your guests. Since weddings are a long affair in India, discuss with your vendors and curate a healthy basket as a return gift where you can customize the baskets with sanitizers, masks, tissues, and Hand-wash. These small gestures will not only show that you care about them but will ensure the safety of your guests.