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Zero Gravity Photography is considered to be the best place for visual storytelling. Our love for photography knows no bounds, and we’ve developed our techniques to perfection. Our photographers have a distinct artistic perspective, a recognizable signature, and a consistent quality across their work. Our main goal is to think creatively and provide exceptional customer service. And that’s why we always stay updated on the latest trends including pre-wedding photography, post-wedding photography, and couple poses.

We make sure that our style of couple photography resonates with clients and leaves a lasting impression. We strive to capture images that are both visually spectacular and conceptually fascinating. Zero Gravity Photography is the best wedding photography in Chennai. Our website features an amazing showcase of our portfolio that shows our distinctive style, versatility, dedication to quality.

If you are seeking a talented team of photographers for your wedding, events or portraits, we take pride in saying that we have the expertise and passion to bring your vision to life. Our perseverance in the face of obstacles is what sets our company apart from the rest. With a high level of professionalism, we are reliable, punctual, and organised, ensuring a positive experience throughout the entire process. Explore our website, get inspired by our work, and find out why Zero Gravity Photography is the perfect choice for capturing your most memorable moments.

“A Wedding Photo is not one that just captures a fleeting moment in time, it is that which acts as a window and lets you travel back to that special moment every time you look at it”

Founder And CEO

Ajay Benjamin


As he was waiting to go abroad to do his Masters, his love for Photography found him. An engineer turned photographer, an avid entrepreneur, an excited traveler, and a car enthusiast! With his creativity and unconditional love for photography, Ajay has always tried to break the glass ceiling in the most creative ways. What began only as a hobby soon found him working freelance gigs. The more photos he took the more he realized this is what he wanted to do. Ajay has always believed that a wedding is not just the culmination of a couple’s commitment. He’s the storyteller in the mix; He believes every Wedding has a story waiting to be discovered and hunts the story down with his lens. His passion and contagious enthusiasm for portraying the story people want to tell show in all our photos. E-mail: ajay@zgstudios.com


Get in touch with us and let us make your special day an event of your lifetime using our digital eye.


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