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Finding the best contacts providing the service of Candid Wedding Photographers Mumbai is no easy task, which is why we are here to your rescue. If you have stumbled upon us, you are at the right place. We, at Zero Gravity Photography, have the best wedding photography packages in Mumbai. With a talented team of Wedding Photographers in Mumbai, we have got you covered.
Our team of highly effective, creative, and wedding photographers in Mumbai makes sure that the best moments of your wedding are covered at their best. We understand the importance of special, raw, and real moments, and hence, our best candid Wedding Photographers Mumbai believe in capturing wedding photography Mumbai the same with great expertise.

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Every season is wedding season and Zero Gravity Photography believes in making your special day magical in pictures and wedding films. Our branch goes above and beyond to deliver the best wedding photography in Mumbai . From capturing candid snaps of people and their tête-à-tête, bringing out the essence of mouth-watering food, watching kids play, to the capturing of ceremonies and rituals constituting new beginnings– we freeze important moments in your life through our experienced digital eyes. The blend of old and new Mumbai gives us plenty of special backgrounds for candid photography for our clients. To make your big day special without any hindrances our team consists of the best traditional and candid photographers to meet your needs and give you several treasured memories to look back on.


Mayuri Naguleshwaran + Krishnaraj Muthukumar

Ashna Makhijani + Aashay Shah

Shreya + Rahul

Prithvi + Aishwariya

Suganthi + Dinesh Kumar

Films in Mumbai

Saanchi & Shahaan

Even we had a moment when he got down on his knees. Every proposal story is different, some stand out while others have that beautiful simplicity in them.

Sanober & Ovez

They are soulmates because they are attracted to each other. Find somebody with whom you connect on a level where love looks this beautiful. Watch this space to enjoy Sanobar and Ovez’s big day with them!…

Prithvi & Aishwariya

We are in awe of Sanjay and Aathmika’s chemistry. They made this wedding shoot even more beautiful with their love and chemistry.


Monisha & Shaaswat

Telugu weddings have a different vibe, altogether! High on energy, love and togetherness! Watch this super fun and vibrant wedding film, filled with smiles, laughter and joy beyond words. When we capture these smiling faces, we’re reminded of how beautiful the journey of love is!…