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We, at Zero Gravity Photography, are a bunch of enthusiastic and creative Candid Wedding Photographers Chennai. We’re a team of Best Candid Wedding Photographers Chennai, always looking forward to capturing your real moments and emotions into everlasting frames of memories. When it comes to Wedding Photography Chennai, we make sure to bring out the best in every moment, as our skilled team of wedding photographers in Chennai gives their all to make your day special.

Wedding Photography is all about being in the moment, and capturing the little, minute details that matter the most. As passionate photographers, we provide the best wedding photography packages Chennai, as we strongly believe in seizing the best odd candid moments for you. We have been touted as one of the Best wedding photographers Chennai. So, if you’re someone who is in search of the Best Wedding Photographers in Chennai, then reach out to us as we look forward to capturing the best on your big day!

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Weddings in Chennai

Sanjana + Sibhi

Preethi + Praveen

Prasanth + Antony

Nivedtha + Sanket

Monish + Chethna

Minacshi + Abhinav

Madhumeetha + Karthic

Ishwarya & Akhul

Sanober + ovez

Films in Chennai

Praveen + Shaaru

Exploring the beauty of this world together! Love is when you never get tired of exploring the corners of this wide world together.

Samyuktha + Sanjeev

Intimacy comes when two people make each other feel comfortable in each other’s skin.


Ishwarya + Akhul

In all their glory, they are ready to rock ‘n roll through this beautiful relationship. We are in awe of ishwarya and Akhul’s chemistry.


Jayraj + Vignavi

love is in the air. what is more romantic than having lifelong fun with your partner aka partner in crime.