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Finding the best Candid Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad is no easy task, which is why we, as a team of Wedding Photographer Hyderabad offer you the best Wedding Photography Packages in Hyderabad. We’re a team of highly effective, creative, and best Candid Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad. We understand the importance of special, raw, and real moments, and hence, our team believes in capturing the Wedding Photography Hyderabad with great expertise.

With lots of experience in Candid Wedding Photography Hyderabad, our team makes sure to provide you with our best work, turning your special moments into unforgettable memories.

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Road no. 2 Banjara Hills above Colour Plus showroom, opposite Park Hyatt, BNR Colony, Venkat Nagar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

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Take a virtual tour of our Hyderabad office complete with plush interiors and intelligent use of space. Our contemporary designs infuse a vibrant and chic vibe to our office. We are aware that an office is as good as its’ employees, our team in Hyderabad imbibe its energetic pulse with a dynamic set of people.

Weddings in Hyderabad

Every season is wedding season and Zero Gravity Photography believes in making your special day magical in pictures and wedding films. Our branch goes above and beyond to deliver the best wedding photography in Hyderabad. From capturing candid snaps of people and their tête-à-tête, bringing out the essence of mouth-watering food, watching kids play, to the capturing of ceremonies and rituals constituting new beginnings– we freeze important moments in your life through our experienced digital eyes. The blend of old and new Hyderabad gives us plenty of special backgrounds for candid photography for our clients. To make your big day special without any hindrances our team consists of the best traditional and candid photographers to meet your needs and give you several treasured memories to look back on.


Chinmaie + Amrud

Mayuri Naguleshwaran + Krishnaraj Muthukumar

Dega Heshma Reddy + Ramireddy Mohith Kumar Reddy

Heshma Reddy + Ramireddy Mohith

Sarmila Pandiyan + Shankara Narayanan

Monica and Lokeswar Wedding Photography

Nikitha and Varun

Navya + Sudhindra

HariPriya + Kalyan

Films in Hyderabad

Ashna Makhijani + Aashay Shah

A sweet tale of love, from fighting as colleagues to falling in love. Their love story is no less of a Bollywood tale. Everything about this wedding looked like it was taken out of a movie.

Shriya+ Prabhu

Telugu weddings have a different vibe, altogether! High on energy, love and togetherness! Watch this super fun and vibrant wedding film, filled with smiles, laughter and joy beyond words. When we capture these smiling faces, we’re reminded of how beautiful the journey of love is!…

Teja Shree meka + Saran

This wedding film of Teja Shree and Saran gives us all the gentle vibes of being in love, and being happy about it. Watch them being candid and we bet that you won’t be able to stop yourself from falling in love with them!…

Nishitha + Prathik

And destiny played its part to bring these two souls together… to make them fall in love and to have them live happily ever after♥…