Zero Gravity has professional wedding and candid photographers in Hyderabad to celebrate your wedding and make your day very special in most enticing way. We have the best candid photographers in Hyderabad who are uncompromising in the quality they deliver. Aptly named The Tale of Two Cities, Hyderabad is a healthy blend of old city charm and the new age IT vibe – a beautiful city filled with stunning architecture and a place we are proud to call home. In addition to the promise of delicious biriyani if you drop by our office, we also strive to provide the best candid photography, candid video and traditional photography services. Lauded as the finest wedding photographers of Hyderabad, our team possesses a unique skill of capturing your special day with a mix of traditional elements infused with contemporary components in a documentary style, without any fabricated or forced poses. The rich vibrant colours, the myriad of emotions experienced by the couple and the extended family will not miss our digital eye and our pictures promise to hold these precious memories dear for years to come! Our other offices are in Chennai and Coimbatore, and we have shot across the length and breadth of India. To see our work, Follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Road no. 2 Banjara Hills above Colour Plus show room, opposite Park Hyatt, BNR Colony, Venkat Nagar, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034

Phone: +91-9840767566
Email: [email protected]zerogravity.photography

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Take a virtual tour of our Hyderabad office complete with plush interiors and intelligent use of space. Our contemporary designs infuse a vibrant and chic vibe to our office. We are aware that an office is as good as its' employees, our team in Hyderabad imbibe its energetic pulse with a dynamic set of people.

Weddings in Hyderabad

Every season is wedding season and Zero Gravity Photography believes in making your special day magical in pictures and wedding films. Our branch goes above and beyond to deliver the best wedding photography in Hyderabad. From capturing candid snaps of people and their tête-à-tête, bringing out the essence of mouth-watering food, watching kids play, to the capturing of ceremonies and rituals constituting new beginnings-- we freeze important moments in your life through our experienced digital eyes. The blend of old and new Hyderabad gives us plenty of special backgrounds for candid photography for our clients. To make your big day special without any hindrances our team consists of the best traditional and candid photographers to meet your needs and give you several treasured memories to look back on.

Films in Hyderabad

Nishitha + Prathik

And destiny played its part to bring these two souls together… to make them fall in love and to have them live happily ever after♥…


Just like a perfect vow, Hitisha and Gaurav are sewed to each other, to be honest, and kind and forgiving and patient and most of all a true and a loyal friend to each other. Here’s a glimpse of Hitisha and Gaurav from the first to many of their minutes…