Destination Candid Wedding Photography

Destination Candid Photography

“Your one stop franchise for destination candid wedding photography”.

Why are we known for the best destination candid wedding photography?

Destination weddings are the zenith of all weddings. Let’s go to all those movies we gawk at when we see them shuttle off to a remote island to get hitched.

Imagine if that were you… but you need someone to capture the beauty of the location and the wedding and of course the couple as well too, right?

Well, we have a solution to that… Zero Gravity Photography is a franchise that doesn’t just cater to normal weddings happening in and around their home bases.

We love to travel, we can actually say with a not so shy smile that we have been bitten by the travel bug and boy, are we loving it!

We capture the essence of the place and we go that extra mile to cover all the tiny details of the event.

What is our experience and what are the places we have visited…?

Well… we would love to tell you the list of places we have visited and captured events at with our trusty digital eye.

We have travelled to the beautiful land of Greece where the waters are the shade of turquoise and sapphire, the windy city Chicago, the land of the royals in India..aka the pink city ….”cue drum roll”…Jaipur!…places like Singapore , Malaysia… Muscat and how can we forget our very own… God’s own country “ Kerala”… this is apart from our personal travel adventures where we visit places just because we love globe trotting and capturing pictures of different places.

So what are you waiting for?

Want to plan your very own destination wedding?

Call us … ping us!