Candid Wedding Photography

Weddings may be dramatic and an emotional rollercoaster. At Zero Gravity Photography, we include not only candid wedding photography but also your feelings amid all those spells of nature, and look at the various pictures as weddings are a classic treasure trove event in our lives.

In addition, couples simply want their wedding photographers to capture more natural and less manufactured moments. Furthermore, they are looking for candid wedding photography that shows their actual sentiments.

Our goal at Zero Gravity Photography is to capture the great authentic moments that occur on a wedding day. Things we enjoy photographing are the first look between a bride and her father; a proud mother watching as her son makes his vows, and anything that is not planned.

Our candid wedding photography also includes outdoor photography, where our lensmen aren't afraid of the scorching sun or the (patter) of raindrops; all they want is for the couple and family to look amazing, whether it is on the sandy beaches, in the middle of nowhere, or the midst of a bustling market. Our team consists of wedding photographers and cinematographers with a distinct sense of style and quick access to cutting-edge technology for shooting pictures you will treasure for a lifetime.