Pre-wedding grooming tips for the grooms

At a wedding, the bride is always the center of attention. The groom frequently sits there as though he is an important person who no one notices. Who keeps them occupied? The bride’s name. In a marriage, the wife is gradually asserting her equal place. Similarly, it is past time for the groom to assert his right to an equal place at a wedding. Makeup has been an unpleasant experience for the Indian groom. However, with the changing attitude of the Indian male, groom facials, and other groom-related arrangements, pre-wedding preparations are becoming popular among them.

Hair grooming

When your wedding day approaches, you should begin taking care of your appearance and personality so that you look your best on your big day. So, to begin, give your hair a fresh style by getting a haircut. You may not be ready to trim your cherished hair, but you need surely do it to seem clean and fresh. Getting a new appearance can boost your confidence, which will astonish your bride.

Manicure and pedicure is for everyone

Not only is grooming crucial for the bride, but it is also important for the groom. You must appear fresh and clean, and your nails must be in decent condition. Grooming is much more than just acquiring a fresh appearance; it is also about keeping your individuality. Manicure and pedicure remove dry and dead skin from your hands and nails and gently clean them. Because your hand should not feel hard and dry while shaking. It should be light and silky. The distinction between a manicure and a pedicure is that a manicure is for your hands and a pedicure is for your feet. Because your feet must also be clean and odor-free.

Beard Grooming

Nowadays, everyone wants to preserve their beards, but for your wedding, simply clip them sharply using a trimmer. It will offer you a new and clean appearance. Your face should be bright and fresh, and the large beard will take your brightness and maybe make your face appear dull, which will impair your photographs and personality. So set aside your style for a while and obtain a new sharply trimmed beard look. So you can look your best during your wedding.


Make your scrubs. Combine besan and turmeric in a bowl. For the love of God, don’t use a teaspoon of cooking turmeric powder! Make a paste with some milk using raw turmeric, chana besan (not matar besan), and chana besan. Lather it all over your body and let it dry. While you’re washing it off, scrub yourself. If you have dry skin, mix with some honey or coconut oil.

Oral hygiene

If you are that really clean man, you don’t need this suggestion, but if you are a live embodiment of that hostel boy cliché, you need to hear this loud and clear. Yellow teeth are unappealing. None of our teeth are gleaming. Normal teeth, on the other hand, may clearly be distinguished from the teeth of someone who washes infrequently.

Brush your teeth at least twice a day. After brushing, apply baking soda to your teeth for a minute. Using the back of your brush, scrub your tongue. If you are mature enough to marry, you must also be mature enough to take care of your dental hygiene.

Oil your hair

Castor oil can be used to promote hair growth. If you desire darker eyelashes and eyebrows, or a denser hairline, put castor oil on your head and line your eyebrows and lashes with a clean earbud soaked in castor oil. If you do this every day, you will see an increase in hair growth.

However, don’t go to bed with castor oil on your skin. It’s clingy. Also, if you leave any oil on your skin for an extended period, you may develop pimples. They are both painful and unsightly. You don’t want them in the run-up to your wedding.


The groom’s wedding makeup should be understated. If you must, use concealer and a thin foundation. Chandan will be present. But that’s all. Lipstick is not permitted. Instead, use a slightly colored chapstick. You’re all ready to sport your wedding attire beside your lovely wife. People will now look up to both of you with admiration.

The radiance is important

When a woman is asked how she achieved her bridal radiance, she always responds, “It’s the haldi from the morning.” But it’s never as simple as that. She avoids getting too much haldi on her to avoid yellow blotches on her lovely fruit facial-treated skin.

Yes, a spa or facial treatment will give you that additional shine to match the glimmer of your wedding gown. A once-a-week facial massage will also assist. Home treatments, such as papaya extracts, can also aid if used daily for a month or so.

Make some lifestyle changes

Drink lots of water every day, and try to cut back on smoking for a month before quitting a week before your wedding. You are fortunate if you are already a nonsmoker. However, if you are a nicotine addict, try to limit your intake for at least the next several days.

Consume fresh fruits and veggies. Workout. If you are not used to doing high aerobic sets, avoid them. Don’t push yourself beyond your physical limits. Every day, jog, swim, or run for 30 minutes. Your skin will shine as a result of improved blood circulation. You’ll stay in shape so you can sport the groom’s clothing on your wedding day.