All the bustle around the wedding boils down essentially to creating memories that last a lifetime. Weddings are undoubtedly the most special day of your life and photography is an important component of the same event. A photograph captures the memories, which can remind you of a very special and cherished moment. 

Throughout the wedding, we get to witness so many things – emotions, drunk stories, friends, and family members trying to play pranks on one another, the list is endless and we enjoy every bit of it! We love how fun-filled the process of a wedding is, and we absolutely love capturing every part of it. With weddings being a widespread celebration in today’s time, we understand how difficult and stressful it can get to find the perfect setup to capture shots, that are meaningful, and, at the same time, depict a story. 

Every wedding brings out a deep emotion within us, and the most amazing part of every wedding is to witness how involved the entire family is, into developing it. No wedding celebration is ever complete without the inputs of the family members, which hands down makes every bit of the ceremonies a memorable one. 

Allow us to take you through the journey of weddings, that evoke a feeling of togetherness, love and endless joy. Through our captures, we try to bring out every emotion, in its truest form, and weave stories, worth cherishing even a few years down the lane! 

No beginning of a wedding ever took place without the documentation of a bride getting ready to be decked up for her big day! The primary look of anticipation is best seen during this time, in the eyes of a bride. Picturing this is one of the most precious moments, that we get to encounter, and experience. With the right setting, the perfect ambience, and the correct knowledge of photography tools, we love capturing this part of the journey, which usually helps us understand the emotions a bride goes through.

Next up, we have these beautiful close-ups of the intricate and stunningly gorgeous pieces of jewellery adorned by a bride. A bride’s wedding jewellery is as essential as any ritual would probably be. For us, capturing a bride’s wedding jewellery is pure bliss! We know it’s the way to her heart! While clicking such shots, it’s important to keep in mind that the focus is supposed to be right on the pieces of jewellery, rather than the bride, which helps bring out the little details to the very core, in an image.

Following up after the indoor shots is the final and the most awaited moment! The time, when the bride walks in, the time, when all eyes are on her, and hence begins the first step towards the Muhurtham!

Muhurtham is the most special among all the ceremonies. The number of rituals, emotions, and feelings attached to this particular part, out of the entire journey of a wedding, is beyond priceless. While capturing the most important of all rituals and ceremonies of the Muhurtham, we try our level best to do absolute justice on our part, in portraying the exact emotions felt during the ceremonies. Right from the moment when the bride walks in, to the moment when the couple ties the knot, every moment that we get to capture is surreal! 

We’ve seen our brides the happiest when with their bridesmaids, and we’ve seen them cry their hearts out when it’s time for them to leave their beloved families, and step into another, more beautiful phase of life. This journey has helped us stay true to our roots, our beliefs and has given us such a wider perspective on the importance of rituals, ceremonies. 

Over the years, in our journey of wedding photography, we’ve been blessed enough to capture innumerable weddings, emotions, feelings and moments, and we can say this for sure, that nothing, and believe us when we say this, that nothing beats the happiness that we feel after capturing moments from your big day, and freezing them into memories, for you to cherish for years and years to come.