Creative Poses For Couples

As photographers, we always find something magical and surreal with couple photo shoot. We can’t put a pin on it. It’s their coordinating outfits, their interactions during the shoot, or it could them, being themselves or the way they bring the love and connection they share to the pictures that make them enchanting.

We make it a point to know the couple we are going to shoot before we plan anything. This creates a huge difference during the shoot day. In fact, this is the first step of setting up a pose for the couple. We talk to them, understand their personality and bring build a comfort. The trust they have on us will reflect in the photographs. There are a lot of poses you can experiment on couples that will work perfect almost every time.

Let your couple interact with each other during a shoot. Give them a funny topic to talk about or pull someone’s leg. This helps them relax and not feel so awkward about the camera and people on the location. We always try to add movements to the photograph. Photos of this kind look and feel very natural. Sometimes we tell them it’s a break so that they’ll break from their cocoon. We make sure we do some funky silly poses and also classic portraits.
The key is to make the couple feel comfortable, the love will reflect in pictures.