Home Wedding in Lockdown

Doubtful about intimate weddings?

50 near and dear ones can make your day extra special. Let us show you how.

About Home Wedding in Lockdown

The world may have been taking a break due to this pandemic but that shouldn’t stop the important moments of your life, especially your wedding photoshoot even if it is a Home Wedding Photography in Lockdown. The current lockdown has put a halt on a lot of things but our photography are not one of them. The silver lining of the situation is that we are adapting to these uncertain times and using all the extra time to our advantage for these Lockdown Indian Wedding Photography. One of the most creative ways to strengthen bonds and have some fun is to use the new technologies for the Photoshoots.

Other than celebration, a home wedding strikes a sense of familiarity and unique sentiment, making the day noteworthy. There are many advantages of hosting an intimate wedding at home, starting from Home wedding decorations to a well curated lockdown wedding photography, during this COVID -19 pandemic. Imagine inviting your near and dear ones into a place that holds some of your most valuable memories. We understand that residences are rarely suited for large events, but that doesn’t mean that you have to hold back from Home Wedding Decorations.

The ultimate pros of an intimate wedding

Plenty of time

Like you regular photoshoots, you don’t have to panic about not having time, as you are omitting the travelling part and saving plenty of time in Home Wedding Photography in Lockdown.

Hygiene certified

Since it’s you who will be organizing the whole shoot, you can be sure about the hygiene part and sanitize well before and after the home wedding photography in lockdown.

Reduced responsibilities

Reduced guest list means reduced pressure and more glow, so embrace the fact that the guest list is going to be small and you are going to have a blast at your lockdown wedding.

Easier social distancing

It is difficult to maintain social distancing when you are in public, when you are the organizer, you can control the situation and keep it safe.

Best Home Lockdown Wedding Photography

This pandemic is tough on everyone, and we are extremely empathetic about the fact that it has turned everything upside down for a lot of people because the only way to fight this is by staying home and staying safe. Isn’t it? But we also believe that we can find a silver lining in everything, with plenty of time in hand, you can plan your wedding like a dream. We, at Zero Gravity Photography, make sure that we follow the health instructions strictly and still get our job done beautifully. While staying safe, plan for a photography theme that will suit you the best as a couple. To find inspirations, scroll down to witness some of the best works of ours during this lockdown.