Taruna and Sathish Kumar

A love story that resonates elegance, a picture perfect couple just like the movie stars we see on the big screen.An age old story of two souls finding solace in each other, entangled in a web of love. The beauty of the bride makes everything around her seem even more opulent. A king only bows down to his queen, a woman in this age and time, educated, independent waits for her true love and when she finds him her eyes never go astray. Her eyes are only for her man, her heart grows even more to accommodate the new found love,her first child. She gives him his all. She becomes his, his journey..his life..his everything. You can easily say from the look of the new bride that she has everything that she is finally complete.Love per say is complicated in this new age and era, with texts dominating majority of the conversations, smileys taking over actual expressions..but this couple just proves it all, that nothing comes in comparison to the love you feel when you are in each other’s presence.A story unfolding to become a saga.. Presenting,the vibrant couple Taruna and Sathish Kumar…