Behold The Beauty of Bichiya: The Significance Of Toe Rings In The Indian Bridal Look


India, a land brimming with diverse cultures and traditions, offers a rich tapestry of rituals and customs, especially when it comes to weddings. Among these, the bichiya or toe rings hold a special place in the heart of the Indian bridal look. This small yet significant ornament is more than just a piece of jewellery; it’s a symbol of married life and has deep-rooted cultural significance.

The Cultural Essence of Bichiya

Bichiya, traditionally worn by married Hindu women, is a pair of toe rings, usually made of silver. These are worn on the second toe of both feet. The practice is prevalent across various regions in India, with slight variations in style and design. This custom is not just a fashion statement but a marker of marital status, akin to the Western wedding ring.

Why Silver, Not Gold?

In Indian culture, gold is considered a ‘pure’ metal that should not be worn below the waist. Hence, silver is the preferred metal for toe rings. Besides, silver is believed to absorb the earth’s energy and pass it to the body, thus rejuvenating the wearer’s health and well-being, especially for women.

The Health Connection

Interestingly, bichiya is not only a symbol of marriage but also has Ayurvedic significance. It’s believed that wearing toe rings on the second toe has health benefits. This toe has a particular nerve that passes through the uterus and reaches the heart, thus regulating the menstrual cycle and boosting a woman’s reproductive health

The Design Diversity

Bichiya designs vary significantly across different regions of India. Some are simple bands, while others are more elaborate with intricate patterns and embellishments. The designs often incorporate cultural motifs and symbols, adding meaning to the jewellery.

A Bridal Essential

In Indian weddings, the bichiya is an essential part of the bridal attire. It complements the other ornaments and bridal wear, completing the traditional look. The ritual of wearing bichiya is often accompanied by other ceremonies, making it a poignant and memorable part of the wedding.


The bichiya is much more than an accessory. It’s a symbol of love, marriage, and cultural heritage. It’s a testament to the beauty and depth of Indian traditions, where even the smallest element carries profound meaning. As we admire the beauty of these toe rings, we also appreciate the rich cultural tapestry they represent in the Indian bridal look.