A Dreamy Wedding


Indian television actress Sreejita De stepped into a life of bliss at the start of July, 2023, with her long-time boyfriend Michael Blohm-Pape, in the midst of innumerous admiring eyes. The air was replete with the mood of celebration. Surrounded by relatives and well-wishers, the couple was the cynosure of all eyes. There were claps and cheers as the couple glanced one another every now and then. Facets of the dreamy wedding ceremony conforming to traditional Christian practices have been captured in frames; the pictures encapsulate the joy of the new couple as they set out on the journey of their life straddling continents.


A familiar television actress, Sreejita De shot into fame for her performance in the reality show Big Boss. The fan following that happened then pushed her status to that of a celebrity. The aura on the occasion was special as it was also a marriage of minds, transcending geographic boundaries. She and Michael, a German citizen who works as the Business Development Manager at Hapag-Lloyd AG, dated for five years before getting into the wedlock.


Sreejita walked hand-in-hand with Micahel in her classic Christian attire of an elegant white embroidered mermaid wedding gown with a trail and a long veil. The grace in their walk did make one wonder it they had rehearsed it. Michael, too, looked handsome in his black suit and red bowtie. Yes, they were made for each other


Sreejita’s rich complexion matched well with the coherent pink theme, easily standing out from the crowd. Her makeup was kept matte yet radiant. Her eye makeup was glittery pink, and blush dewy pink, enhancing the effect of the glossy lips. Sreejita’s relatives and well-wishers vied with one another to have her attention.


The couple looked straight out of dream as they posed with grace and poise. They walked, chatted, ate and sat together, all the while with an eye on the camera as well. Nevertheless, they were also in their own world of joy posing enthusiastically in the midst of lush fields and colourful evening, minutes before the Sun went down.


A light pink strappy satin gown she wore for the reception added glamour in no small measure. The rich appearance was bolstered by diamond earrings and a matching necklace. A light grey suit with a pink tie Michael wore, complemented Sreejita’s outfit perfectly. And, together, they had all eyes glued to them.


Zero Gravity Photography is delighted to shower blessings to the couple for a blissful life ahead.