The 20 Wedding Photos You Need to Take


We are aware that wedding photos are one of the most significant aspects of the wedding day. Making a must-have wedding photo list should be a top priority during your wedding planning because neither you nor your spouse wants to miss out on looking back at those priceless moments. You should therefore ensure that your photographer captures each photo opportunity flawlessly, beginning with the photos of you getting dressed and continuing all the way to your exit.

Hiring a wedding photographer you’re enthused about and putting your trust in the expert is the first task you ought to tick off the to-do list. Since you are employing a professional, you would expect them to be knowledgeable in their field. Even if they’ll have a concept of the essential wedding photos, it’s helpful to have a little expertise in wedding photography yourself. We created a list of essential wedding photography moments, from the exquisite shot of your wedding day, and jewellery to the table arrangements and invitation suite.

1.The Invite

Give the photographer a clear idea of the objectives you have for the shot and let them know if you want any additional details added or filled in. Discuss the type of lighting you prefer. If you prefer natural light, specify whether you would want the photo to be taken near a window or outside during the day. Share your original ideas for creating a specific ambience or artificial lighting.

“May you be as happy as you are today for the rest of your life.”

2.The Beautiful Moment

Bring your photographer to the wedding suite to get a photo of your stunning appearance in order to record the beautiful moments. Give them a schedule before the big day, making sure to account for your partner’s preparation times as well! To document this happy and delighted moment would be one of your best choices, looking back to this moment will definitely stir joyous emotions and reminders of saying yes to the dress you’ve finally chosen.

“Do these outfits make us look married?”


Make sure to keep a record of the time and work you spent selecting and personalising your wedding-day accessories. No matter what you’re wearing—new, borrowed, used, or blue—take a picture of it all! Your photographs will have an additional level of detail and beauty if you capture the accessories. In terms of the overall appearance and style of the wedding, these accessories are quite important. Look for anything special that is personalising or heartfelt. These might be heirlooms, unique presents, or specially produced artefacts. Take close-up pictures that emphasise the importance and relevance of these objects. Include them in unique ways, for as by positioning them in a symbolic spot or arranging them in a beautiful fashion.

“We said “Yaaaas!”

4.The Before-hand Moments

After spending so much time searching for the ideal wedding dress, you’ll want to capture the moment of the big reveal. Take a cute photo when your mother or maid of honour assists you in getting into the automobile. Clearly describe your concept for the event’s documentation. Do you prefer photos of yourself in entirety, up close, or a combination of the two? Describe the emotions you expect to experience as well as any standout details, such as the dress’ intricate beading or lacework.

“I’m in full-on fairy-tale mode.”

5.Portrait of the Bride

Your opportunity has come to steal the spotlight and show off that garment fully! Ask your photographer to set aside some time to shoot your bridal picture, and don’t be scared to smile for the camera. To convey your vision, talk about the perfect feel and look for the portrait. Do you want a classic, timeless portrait or something more contemporary or original? Express the overall feeling you want the picture to evoke, whether it’s elegance, joy, romance, or any other specific emotion.

“All of my smiles start with you.”

6.The mantilla

This is a quick yet stunning position, so if you’re wearing a veil, ask your photographer to take pictures of you from all angles. Talk about the design and how the mantilla is worn. Indicate any special or distinguishing features of the mantilla, such as its length, lace pattern, or embellishments. Mention any particular mantilla components that have a special meaning. insist that you must take pictures of the intricacies of the mantilla. Discuss how the photographer could highlight the delicate needlework, the complex lacework, or any other characteristics that make the mantilla stand out. Images taken up close and from different angles can help highlight the beauty of the veil. Pick a background that goes well with the mantilla’s colour and design, such as a plain, neutral surface or a setting that gives a sense of class and romanticism. Think about including the way the lace flows against the dress or the way the veil is positioned in relation to your hairstyle.

“So this is love.”

7.Wedding bouquet

With such a gorgeous wedding bouquet, you’d better hold on tightly and pose! Think of letting your photographer take a picture of your bouquet while you are holding it or enabling them to take many pictures of it in various locations. Talk about the best time to take the bouquet pictures. Choose whether you want the pictures shot prior to the ceremony, during the bride’s getting-ready moment, or as part of the formal portraits following the wedding. At various periods of the day, evaluate the bouquet’s condition and freshness to make sure it looks best.

“Where flowers bloom so does love”.

8.The Groom

Now is his chance to become a model! Be sure to congratulate your spouse on his sharp appearance before he stands in front of the camera. Talk to the photographer about the spectrum of feelings you want them to record, such as excitement, trepidation, delight, or anticipation. Give the photographer any special details about the wedding day, like the groom getting ready, interactions with family and friends, or the guy’s expression when he first sees the bride. Motivate the photographer to take natural photos that display the groom’s true feelings and relationships. These may involve talking, laughing, or having a quiet moment to ponder. Photographs taken candidly are frequently the most real and unforgettable.

“You look perfect tonight.”

9.The Off Camera Moments

Who doesn’t adore spontaneous wedding shots? Be yourself as your photographer snaps images of the two of you. Your photographer should be informed of the idea of candid photography, with an emphasis on the aim to capture unplanned and un-posed moments. Off-camera moments at the reception frequently feature you two mixing with guests, engaging in discussion and laughter, and taking pleasure in the celebrations. These moments can also involve the preparations that go on behind the scenes for speeches, toasts, and unexpected performances. Talk about how you want the pictures to capture the real feelings, pleasure, laughing, and interactions that happen on the wedding day in a natural way.

“All because two people fell in love”

10.The Portrait

This is unquestionably a necessary action that should never be disregarded. You two can slink away for a decent shot as soon as you are introduced as Mr. and Mrs. Examine the idea of including significant aspects in the portrait. This could include decorations, personal effects, or props that express your character or the wedding’s theme. These components can give the portrait a more distinctive feel and a personal touch.

“Time, distance; nothing could separate them because they knew it was right.”

11.The bridal party

A line dance or a birdy dance are fun additions! This amusing picture shows what a good time your wedding guests are having. The bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid of honour, and best men make up the bridal party, which is a crucial component of a wedding celebration. They contribute significantly by standing by the pair all day long and providing support. Request for official group pictures of you two as well as the bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid of honour, and best men. Make sure everyone is visible and in a good location as you arrange them to create a pleasing composition. To create a clean and elegant photograph, take into account the background and lighting.

“The party don’t start ‘til the bride walks in.”

12.The little ones

Every bride wants a photo with her adorable flower girl, junior bridesmaid, and ring bearer. Be real, whether you’re gazing down at them or kneeling down to show your love. Taking pictures while children are present lends your photos a sense of innocence and joy. Children are naturally spontaneous and full of energy, so be prepared to catch genuine moments of them being themselves whether they are flower girls, ring bearers, or young guests. Your photos will have a sense of authenticity and delight thanks to these sincere attitudes and gestures.

“It’s the little things in life.”

13.Site of the Reception

A crucial part of recording a wedding is taking pictures of the reception venue. It aids in showcasing the celebration’s ambiance, decorations, and general environment. Ask your photographer to capture a landscape image of the action’s location. You may capture the atmosphere and beauty of the wedding reception in your photos by photographing the venue from various angles, concentrating on details, and including candid moments.

“Basically the royal wedding.”

14.Taking the Aisle Walk

A memorable moment to record during a wedding ceremony can be the bride and husband walking down the aisle. Additionally, having the opportunity to walk down the aisle with your parent(s), whether it be your mother, father, or guardian, will always be a time to treasure. It is important to record the emotions that were present at this time. A compelling story can be told in these unguarded times. Ask the photographer to Keep an eye out for any memorable moments that may happen while the two of you make your way down the aisle, such as shared glances, happy tears, or any other special interactions. Additionally, request for a take of broader images that also show the guests’ responses or the ceremony’s general atmosphere. These pictures can give the scene a wider context.

“Now we can hang out forever!”

15.The Ring Exchange

Now for the important detail! Make sure your photographer has taken images of the ceremony as it is happening. Another crucial part of a wedding ceremony is the ring exchange, which represents a couple’s dedication and love for one another. Watch out for encouraging actions from friends or relatives who may be present when the rings are exchanged. These candid moments, like a loving pat on the shoulder or a pleased smile, can give your pictures more depth and emotion. Work together with your photographer to capture the essence and meaning of the ring exchange on your special day by communicating with them, suggesting to them your expectations, and working to meet your needs.

“He liked it so he put a ring on it”

16.The first Kiss

During a wedding ceremony, the first kiss is a highly anticipated and sentimental moment. It denotes the couple’s union and the start of their married life as a whole. Choose the ideal vantage point to record the first kiss. You wouldn’t want this priceless moment to be missed so let your photographer know in advance that you’d need photos from practically all angles, including front and side views, to ensure that the event is captured forever. When you consider one of the most treasured pictures in your wedding album, this is certainly one of the first things that come to mind.

17.The Moments With Confetti

Whether you want to utilise confetti, sparkles, or another type of creative entrance, make sure it is documented. Your Photographer would Begin by taking sweeping pictures that display the entire location. With confetti flying through the air and visitors cheering, this will aid in capturing the vigour and enthusiasm of the occasion. Suggest your photographer take several pictures quickly, and use the burst mode or continuous shooting function on your camera. Due to the unpredictable and transitory nature of confetti, doing this will improve your chances of capturing the ideal moment. This picture would capture your priceless expressions and emotion admitting the confetti.

“Add a little confetti to your life”

18.The Hour of Cocktails

If the cocktail hour is held outside or in a room with lots of natural light, make use of it. Create a cosy and welcoming mood in your photos by using soft, natural light. To take photos that are properly exposed, adjust your camera’s settings accordingly. Ask your photographer to shoot images of guests chatting and enjoying their signature beverages as soon as the party begins. To capture the cocktail hour in a unique way, try out several views and angles. Ask your photographer to take both large pictures of the entire area and close-up pictures that concentrate on particular aspects and facial expressions. To add variety to your photo collection, change up your compositions.

“Did someone say champagne?”

19.The Cake

Don’t forget about the cake! Remember to snap a photo of the cake before cutting it. The wedding cake has symbolic value and is frequently the focal point of the reception. You can remember this special event for years to come by taking pictures of the cake. To highlight the cake’s beauty and features, take into account the shot’s overall composition. Talk about Finding a background that highlights the cake’s presence by being clear and uncluttered. Position yourself so that you may capture the entire cake or, if you choose, just a few aspects. Request for close-up pictures of the cake to highlight the elaborate embellishments and design, suggesting to pay attention to the frosting, the delicate sugar flowers, and any custom cake toppers. These images can demonstrate skill and artistry. To add context and improve the aesthetic appeal, incorporate the surrounding elements. Think about incorporating things like the cake table, tablecloth, floral arrangements, or the monogram of the couple. These components can enhance the cake and give your pictures more visual appeal.

“A cake to remember forever.”

20.Slicing the cake

It is customary and symbolic to cut the wedding cake during the reception. It is the first time the couple has shared and collaborated as a married couple. Remember to take a photo of the cake before cutting it! It is adorable whether you decide to get clumsy or not. Don’t forget to take pictures of the cake’s details as well. Zoom in to get close-up shots of the cake slices, tiers, and any elaborate decorations. These images will demonstrate the cake’s creativity and craftsmanship. This cute moment that would be frozen by a good photographic shot will be.

“One love, one life, and one sweet cake.”