How to Plan a stress-free wedding


Stress-free wedding… sounds bizarre. You’ve probably read dozens of articles about it or received advice about how to plan the ideal wedding on a constant schedule, but at the end of the day, we’re constantly barraged with lists we need to cross off and the stress that comes with planning the ideal wedding.

So, here’s yet another article—not your typical one, but one that truly works and offers suggestions for making your wedding well-planned, stress-free, and a memory to remember!

Write down the strategy!:

Personally, I feel it is crucial to sit down with your significant other or your family and list the elements of the wedding that are significant to both of you. Instead of including features that will just increase the costs, also include those that are “required” and necessary. In the end, your guests won’t really care about the appearance of your table linens, or whether your dessert plates were decorated with gold.

Little details like these could help your wedding “appear” put together, but your guests won’t be gushing about your choice of tablecloth when they leave your reception. Again, this is entirely up to the bride and groom and how you want your costs to be split, but it goes without saying that the bigger the budget, the more pressure it will put on both families to stay within it.

Begin preparing in advance:

Planning a wedding is exciting and stressful from the moment you announce your engagement. You may efficiently manage your budget, precisely list all the requirements you need, and significantly reduce the stress that comes with “Last minute” planning by getting ready months in advance. At my sister’s wedding, my mother placed a strong emphasis on this. My sister is the cool, laid-back type who thinks everything will work itself out in due course. But when it came to preparing for her wedding, she couldn’t embrace that mindset. My mother made sure to keep her on track with the meticulously planned itinerary, which I can assure you led to a stunning wedding without worry.

Choosing the ideal Wedding Vendors:

Reminder to self: Before hiring your DJ to perform at your wedding, inquire about his or her romantic situation. It’s worth reading about this humorous occurrence that someone shared on Reddit! The night before the wedding, the DJ for this event was dumped, and she only played break-up music at the reception. The positive news? Until a substitute could be located, the bride took over for a few hours, and she was a huge success. Also, “the mixer and huge black headphones look fantastic with bridal attire.” The takeaway in this story, I suppose, is to choose your vendors carefully.

Simply focus on What Is Important:

Even though we have been planning weddings for the past 6 to 9 months, we sometimes forget to concentrate on the important things, like you and your husband and the amazing vows you made to each other. Living in the present and taking pleasure in the day are crucial as long as you and your loved ones are surrounded by others who care about you and want to share in your best moments of life. The best method to avoid stress is to take a deep breath and appreciate everything that made today special.

Do not try to draw parallels:

Aside from the wedding stress that every bride experiences, the fear of not being able to deliver the perfect wedding and the constant need to do/be better than someone else’s fairytale wedding is a common dreadful factor. Personally, I believe this is one of the most detrimental stress factors. It’s understandable given the dreams you have and how much you want those dreams to come true. However, keep in mind that your wedding is a celebration of the bond you and your partner have formed in the presence of family and loved ones, not a wedding contest.

It’s acceptable if your wedding doesn’t turn out like the Pinterest pins you’ve saved and if you weren’t able to make it look like a Disney wedding. You and your family have already spent a lot of effort into making this wedding the most special occasion to anticipate, so it’s better to steer clear of comparisons and simply have fun.


Even while there may never be a time when planning a wedding is fully stress-free, it’s crucial to keep your sense of self. You wouldn’t want to forget that experience, and it is undoubtedly a thrilling voyage. Everyone experiences stress; it is not a bad trait. You’re getting this advice from the human embodiment of stress, so trust me on this. But, you will surely regret losing yourself in the rush of getting ready and skipping taking the time to enjoy the process. Every so often, take a break, delegate the plan to someone else, go out with the girls, savour those final moments of being single. Above all things, look forward to saying those beautiful wedding vows to your sweetheart. As long as you want to be remembered for having a beautiful wedding, your marriage should be kept strong.