Top 17 Pre-Wedding Photoshoot Locations in Chennai


Many families have frequently questioned whether a pre-wedding photo shoot is required in today’s society. While many couples would also consider it superfluous and pricey, the truth is that it is a special way to start the process of creating memories. Today, a pre-wedding photo shoot is not about smiling or posing. Pre-wedding photography has become customary, serving as a prologue to the lovely time leading up to the union of two souls

All pre-wedding shoots technically and practically prepare couples for the big day. The types of postures, the variations in costumes, the makeup, and the overall appearance. A pre-wedding session is essentially a trial wedding shoot since it offers a chance to relax and trust the photographer’s vision and magic behind the camera.

Here are few pre wedding shoot locations in Chennai which our experts at Zero Gravity Photography prefer.

Mahabalipuram Shore Temple & Beach :

The Mahabalipuram (Mammalapuram) temple and the adjoining beach have long been popular destinations for tourists and picture shoots. Even though there are now numerous sophisticated photoshoot settings available, it remains a go-to place for each couple photo shoot. When we photograph in the Mahabalipuram temple, we sense joy. It is a location to take some stunning photographs. The neighbouring beach provides us extra alternatives for couple photoshoots; it’s like we have two beautiful places in one, allowing us to make the most of our time and take more pictures of the two of you.

Things to consider: Traditional attire might not be permitted for photo-shoots. Keep your attire straightforward and accessories sparingly. Since it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, they forbid corny or overly romantic pair picture ops.

Additionally, they forbid the use of large lighting fixtures inside the temple grounds. Plan accordingly by using the least amount of lighting gear.

Secret Garden Shooting place – Thiruvanmiyur

The Secret Garden is your greatest option if you’re seeking for an exceptional site for a couple’s picture session that is inside the boundaries of the city. They have some incredible photo session backdrops and accessories, so we can take as many pictures as possible in the allotted time.

VGP Golden Resort:

For many years, VGP has been a household name in Chennai. We must have been to the VGP Universal Kingdom and the VGP Beach as kids at least once. Additionally, a beach resort is available for romantic picture sessions. In addition, it contains a few photo shoot sets and props, as well as a private beach. VGP Beach Resort is your finest option if you’re seeking for a tranquil spot for a couple’s photography inside the city limits.

Inter-Continental Beach Resort:

The Intercontinental Chennai Mahabalipuram Resort is located along the picturesque East Coast Road ECR and represents the heritage of the Coromandel Coast. The Beach Resort, which is tucked away amid casuarina groves, has a private beach and 15000 square feet of garden area, making it the perfect location for couple photoshoots.

Dakshin Chitra:

The fascinating cross-cultural living museum of South Indian art, architecture, lifestyles, crafts, and performing arts is called DakshinaChitra. The Museum is situated at Muttukadu, 25 kilometres south of Central Chennai, on the East Coast Road to Mahabalipuram, Tamil Nadu, India, with a view of the Bay of Bengal. DakshinaChitra is the ideal setting for conventional couple photoshoots since it contains a collection of 18 real historical homes with contextual displays in each one.

Chennai Port:

Chennai Port is a unique site for picture shoots, but you need permission in advance. Contact various sailing clubs in Chennai so they can assist you in obtaining authorization for a small price.

Semozhi Poonga:

Similar to Mahabalipuram, Semozhi Poonga is a popular location for photo sessions of any kind, including those for families, children, and couples. Amazing foliage and a good variety of picture shoot locations are available there. Since it’s a public area, there can be ongoing disruptions from people wandering through your pictures. If you want privacy for your pre-wedding couple photoshoot, stay away from this area.

Ideal Beach Resort:

Ideal Beach Resort, a charming resort surrounded by lush vegetation and a secluded beach, provides fantastic options for couple photoshoots. During the pre-wedding photo sessions, you may utilise the private beach, the expansive grass, and other shooting settings as a suitable backdrop.

Marina, Besant Nagar , Thiruvanmiyur :

Marina Beach, Besant Nagar, and Thiruvanmiyur Beach are just a few of Chennai’s wonderful beaches. Almost all pre-wedding couple picture shoots begin on the beach. For the couples, having their first picture session at the beach with the dawn as the backdrop is like living out a fairytale. Sincere to say, we conduct more than 75% of our couple picture shoots on the beaches of Chennai. Simply said, we adore our beaches.

ECR Roads :

The ECR’s roadways provide some beautiful yet straightforward backdrops and venues for outdoor couple photoshoots. For some spectacular and unusual images, combine your street style photography with your romance photography.

Streets Of Mylapore:

An rich, traditional neighbourhood called Mylapore is home to a multitude of holy places and cultural centres. These are just a few of the top places in Mylapore that can provide stunning backdrops for your couple photoshoots, such as the Arulmigu Kapaleeswarar Temple with its elaborately decorated, pyramid-shaped tower, the colonial-era Luz Church with an ornate, frescoed interior, and the Gothic-style Santhome Cathedral.

Muthukadu Backwaters & Kovalam:

ECR is everywhere. If Marina Beach is the preferred location for couple picture sessions, then ECR must be the second option. There are several sites available for your couple’s photograph if you select ECR, though. Along with Mahabalipuram, Muthukadu & Kovalam are the major places in ECR. Consider all of these spots when planning your photo session day so that you can return home with fantastic images and memories—not to mention the amazing drive on the ECRRRRRRRR.

Pondichery & Marakkanam:

The magnificent and awesome PONDICHERRY, the Goa of Tamil Nadu, comes to mind as the next obvious option after your couple photography in Chennai is complete. There are several chances for romantic picture shoots across this tiny city, which is full of joy. There are breathtaking walls, charming doorways, jogging paths, bike trips, fantastic beaches, and cathedrals, among many other things.

Sadras Fort:

The SADRAS Fort in Chennai, which is close to Kalpakkam, is another another historic DUTCH fort that is forbidden. Even though the fort is in disrepair and there isn’t much property remaining, what is there provides fantastic photo opportunity for a fast couple session. After taking your pictures here, you may immediately take some pictures at the neighbouring beach.

Alampari Fort:

Although the Alamparai fort is similarly in ruins and has nothing left to view, a backwater-styled fort with some rustic walls makes a good setting for a short picture shoot with a partner. Utilize the boats and the backwater to capture some fantastic images.

Theosophical Society Road, Besant Nagar:

This is the peaceful street next to Besant Nagar’s Theosophical Society. Once we are through with the images on the Besant nagar beach, we may take a few short pictures here. The roads are broad and calm in the afternoons, so if you guys are bike aficionados, you might arrange a brief bike-themed photo session here.

Jade Beach Resort:

This Jade Beach resort is just close to the Intercontinental Beach Resort if you’re searching for a reasonably priced beach resort. You may organize your couple’s photograph there using some stunning backdrops. Additionally, it offers a private beach, allowing you to complete your pre-wedding couple photography in one location for a reasonable price.