5 Exquisite Designs Of Bridal Churas Just For You


On their wedding day, Indian ladies traditionally hold a stunning chura set in their hands. Originally, these chura sets were red and white, but nowadays, we may see brides experimenting with other hues. On their wedding day, some ladies like to wear something distinctive and different from the norm, which is why we sometimes see them wearing different colours of chura.

Although the ritual of wearing these symbolic Churas has its origins in Punjabi culture, brides from different areas and cultures today participate in it. It has become an essential component of their post-wedding clothing for many of them. Because there are regional variants to these wedding bangles, such as the Bengali Pola Sakha, we mention Indian brides rather than merely Punjabi brides.

Chura denotes a bride who has recently been married. Chura, like the mangalsutra and sindoor, is a crucial indicator of a Punjabi bride’s impending marriage. In fact, the chura has come to represent current bridal fashion trends. In their weddings, brides of different religions or from other regions of India also wear chura. These chura sets are among the hottest right now.

Red and Golden Chura Set:

Take some inspiration from this newest chura design if you want to wear a red chura but also want to add a little flair and glitz. This Chura set has all you need to begin the fresh beginnings with Nazakat, from the touch of Kundan to the embellished white bracelet. The latkan bangles in this exquisite chura set have us salivating. Do you? Play it smart by contrasting a hue of evergreen red with one of shining gold. Pick this stunning “Dulhan Chuda” to add a touch of glitz to your ensemble.


White Chura Set:

The colour white has traditionally been associated with tranquillity. This chura style is perfect for you if you’re the type of bride who adores simplicity. White and gold are a timeless colour combo. These most recent chura designs display simplicity and beauty. Who would have imagined how elegantly these ivory and white chura sets would enhance the bridal? For all the brides who want to wear just red and pastel colours, chura sets in white are here for you! Choose one of these stunning wedding chura designs to make a statement on your special day!


Multi Coloured Chura Set:

Do you enjoy experimenting with colour as a bride-to-be? If so, this most recent chura design is the best option for you. For a flawless bridal appearance, cool blue colour schemes are usually a fantastic choice. We adore how the golden bangle pairs with the chura set! This chura set will make it easy for you to accomplish the “Princess Goals” if you are having a sundowner wedding or are a summer bride.

The bangle and Kada chura Design:

Loads of bangles combined with gold, silver, pink, studded, and Kundan kadas give oomph to the Dulhan appearance and create a gorgeous wedding chura set. Brighten your wedding day as you carry out all the rites in flair with these captivating bridal chura designs. These Chura sets are great if you’re trying to choose something distinctive!

Pastel Chura:

Do you enjoy pastel colours but don’t want to lose that oh-so-bridal vibe? These newest chura designs 2021 will let you fully experience the “Raani” atmosphere. Get rid of the red chura and slay in these gorgeous pastel shades! If not red, millennial brides choose hues of peach, pink, and sea green. Enjoy the stunning Dulhan chura as you create lasting memories with your loved ones.

Choosing a chura design for your wedding is an exciting part of the whole process. With so many bridal chura designs available online, you may feel lost in deciding which ones to go for. Hence our experts at Zero Gravity , We have put together a guide that covers the various chura designs, where you can find them and how exactly they can make a huge difference in your wedding photographs.