Top 10 Trends for Wedding Invitations in 2022 and 2023


Yes, now is the time to start planning your wedding invites as 2023 is just a few years away and a new season of weddings will soon begin. With all the diverse papers, textures, colors, typefaces, decorations and attachments, and packages available in 2022, brides may have the most options for wedding invitations in history. These components are all mixed and matched but work so well together. If you need some ideas, scroll down to discover the trendiest wedding invitation trends for 2022.


Wedding stationery is following the key trend of sustainability that is sweeping the wedding industry in 2022 and 2023. For their eco-friendly weddings, several couples utilize recycled and plantable seed paper for the invites.

Acrylic Wedding Invitation:

The invitation made of acrylic is the opposite trend and is unsustainable. With the growing acceptance of contemporary wedding themes, the trends are becoming stronger.

Vellum Paper Invitation Cards & Envelope:

Vellum gives any stationery set a contemporary yet feminine feel, and it looks stylish when coupled with just about any kind of adornment, from metallic ink to classy wax seals and boho foliage

Foil Printing:

In 2020, the popularity of the gold foil style is expected to continue to rise. Any invitation design is made more elegant and appealing by the use of gold foil. It may give even a simple wedding theme a touch of glitz.


Monograms are a great way to personalize your invites while maintaining their elegant simplicity. There are several techniques to make monograms. For their contemporary nuptials, some couples opt for straightforward letter monograms.

A Touch Of Glitters:

Metallic undertones are making a comeback in wedding fashion. Any wedding invitation you select will seem more upscale and luxurious with these metallic embellishments. You might want to think about incorporating the current fashionable hue of rose gold into your stationery.

Invitations with a hint of glitter look especially beautiful when they are traditional laser cut.

Minimalism Inspired:

Less art and more blank space We anticipate that more modern, minimalist styles will be chosen by couples for their weddings in 2020. The demand for “simpler” invites in general is rising

Consider calming color schemes, plain typography, and basic embellishments. Often, all your stationery needs to really stand out is one distinctive element, like a splash of gold foiling or blind embossing.

Wax Seal Decoration:

In 2019 wax seals became the newest trendy fad, and they will undoubtedly continue into 2020. They may be included into your invitation suite in a number of different ways, such as on the outer envelope, the invitation suite itself, or the tie-around that binds your invitation suite together, among other possibilities. There are countless alternatives!

Uniquely Shaped Wedding Invitation:

The year 2020 will see a lot of innovation in the realm of wedding invitation design. Just have fun with the many form inserts, from round to triangular and geometric.

Invitation Envelopes:

The last topic is packing. 2020 will see the introduction of envelopes made of a variety of materials, including eco-paper and stylish vellum paper, in addition to plain and lined envelopes. In order to express their personalities, the couple would also prefer to add embellishments like ribbons and wax seals.

It might be challenging to send out wedding invitations. There are several factors to take into account, including paper, design, format, typeface, and a host of others.

Stay tuned with Zero Gravity for more exciting ideas for wedding and photography. For your inspiration and to help you create a lovely wedding invitation, we have included some creative but elegant invitation ideas here.