Love White Mehendi? Here Are A Few Designs You Would Want To Try!


One of the most amazing and beautiful works of art at a wedding is mehendi. However, not every mehendi must be the standard henna. An outstanding feature of an Indonesian bride is her white henna. Although white mehndi is uncommon on Indian brides, it must be tried given the modern trend of wedding customization. There are lots of alternatives available, from keeping things basic to obtaining nail extensions!

Amazing mehendi designs are also possible with white henna. It began as a lighthearted substitute for tattoos but has since evolved into the most amazing designs for weddings. White mehendi is the way to go if you’re a soon-to-be bride who doesn’t want to sit around for hours getting your typical mehendi and wants something different. become little less popular, still a couple opt for short travels.

We saw some really complex yet straightforward designs that were just as striking as those with faux pearl and stone studs.

White Mehendi: What Is It?

White Mehendi is an alternative to the conventional Mehendi that is applied to brides. It can be formed of a water-based gel, a cosmetic glue used by makeup professionals, or even tattoo ink. You may also just use white body paint. Depending on the basis that was used to create the design, it can last anywhere from a few hours to a week. White henna has entered the fashion world thanks to famous people and fashion designers like Antonio Berardi, whose spring/summer 2018 show at London Fashion Week featured models with white henna designs on their hands.

This Mehendi stands out from the rest because of its capacity to produce a delicate, lace-like design. It is colourful, lovely, and the ideal embellishment for brides who have decided to wear a pastel lehenga on their wedding day.

Here are few designs you might want to try: