Do you make these 7 wedding photography mistakes?


“True love stories never have endings but they have beginnings”, and yeah! Weddings are just the beginning of a beautiful love story. To make this moment freeze forever, getting the perfect wedding photos is very important. Hence we got in touch with our leading photographers at Zero Gravity to know about these common mistakes the bride and groom can make while capturing a wedding photograph.

Not communicating your vision:

A photographer can take only photos and he is definitely not a mind reader, hence “Communication is the key”, Yes! It’s you who should determine your style. You may have dreams or vision on how your wedding photos should be, and a photographer should be communicated about it.

Finding out is better:

Not doing enough research is another big mistake you might be doing. In the world of the social media era, you might be misled by many profiles who call themselves photographers. You might have to dig deeper to get the real picture. It’s very important to juggle through the options and deeply research on their portfolio and narrow down the best.

Not Building Rapport:

Professional photographers are always good at building a good relationship with their clients. Yet it may not happen if you don’t jell out with them. Only a good chemistry between you and the photographer can make your vision come true. It is them who are going to be with you the whole day, and if you are going to shy away from them and that is going to be difficult to go ahead with the whole process.

Time is crucial:

According to our experts, timing is something where the lighting, exposure and subject all intersect at the same time and that’s when great photos are made. You should know that a lot of time and money has been spent for the elements to be perfect for your beautiful wedding photo but what if you don’t stick to the schedule.

Not keeping up the smile curve

Nothing you wear at your perfect occasion would make sense if you don’t wear a smile while clicking the photos. Make sure you smile and make others smile while walking down the aisle to avoid the unflattering angle.

Not hiring a professional:

Every one with a camera can take pictures, but while it comes to our wedding we recommend you to hire only professional photographers. It’s just not photos that you are taking, but you are freezing your most important part of your life. It is an occasion of emotions and feelings flowing in abundance hence you need someone who would wait for those right moments to give that perfect click.

Not everything can be photoshopped:

Photography is an art, and it is a perfect magic behind the lenses. Even though your photographers can work that magic for you, you might also have to take some extra care on all the detailing. Be ready with your perfect makeup, attire and décor which can make wonders on your photos. Not everything can be photoshopped, because our experts believe in minimal enhancement.

Wedding photography is a lifetime investment. Our experts at Zero Gravity believe that photographs have the power to melt hearts and move souls, hence we recommend you to hire the best wedding photographers to ensure that your investment has the best ROI. Keep our recommendation and hire whom you trust knowing about their styles and work, make sure you know very well about their portfolio because once you get your wedding album in hand you might know that the wait was worth a while.