10 Trending Live Food Stations at Indian Weddings!


Indian weddings are renowned for their grandeur, the sincere, opulent festivities, the naach-gaana, and of course the delicious food and drink spread.An Indian wedding breakfast buffet must have a wide range of food options, from international dishes and continental delicacies to inventive sweets and a selection of beverages. It must be outstanding!

Additionally, the extravagant buffets at Indian weddings unquestionably account for the essence of wedding food scenes. But everyone’s favorite “live food stations” go a long way toward enhancing the appeal and vibrant atmosphere of that. These live counters enhance the atmosphere of the entire dining area and add richness to today’s wedding. They also help to further broaden the menu. This is why we’ve included some trending and distinctive live food stations that you might have at your weddings because they are essential for a laid-back and easy-going atmosphere.

Elegant Ice Cream Shop:

This is such a quirky and distinctive method to serve ice cream that it will undoubtedly catch people’s attention and make for a lively live station. Liquid nitrogen and cold-stoned ice creams are two highly popular ice cream-making methods that are a hot trend in wedding settings. They’re clearly quite delicious, and it’s enjoyable and beautiful to watch them prepare.

Tandoori And BBQ Counter :

Weddings are the ideal occasion for freshly prepared vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies like momos, paneer, chicken, kebabs, and soya chaap cooked over a tandoor or grill. They also create delicious cocktail munchies.

Herbal Hookah:

The use of herbal hookahs at wedding receptions next to the bar has grown quite popular. As a form of entertainment and downtime, people have been regularly adding them into their wedding celebrations. Have many types of herbal hookah available for your visitors to enjoy!


Waffle Station:

Waffles have surely made their way from restaurants and dining establishments to weddings as well after dominating the dessert menu throughout the world. Waffles that have just been cooked and are offered with a variety of toppings are a must-have for a contemporary and trendy dessert table at weddings.


Loaded Nachos:

Another dish that is popular at Indian wedding food buffets is loaded nachos chaat. Make them accessible with various dressings and toppings, in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian varieties. This is sure to be a hit with your visitors!

Fresh Shakes and Smoothies:

A counter for fresh shakes and smoothies is available, much like your typical live fruit counter. These would unquestionably be a fresh and novel live station to have at your wedding in addition to the traditional mocktails

Paan Station:

One of the most adored live stations at Indian weddings is certainly the paan station. These counters are a need if you want to serve flavoured saunfs and paans in a range of flavours at weddings. Don’t limit yourself to the traditional tastes, such as plain, meetha, or chocolate paan. Thrill your visitors with a variety of flavours, including ice and fire paan.

Fries Counter:

These also make up for a widely regarded and adored live food station, ranging from simple salted fries and peri-peri fries to loaded fries chaat similar to naachos chaat. Fries are a favourite of both children and adults and make excellent drink munchies.

Love for Indian chaat:

The traditional and essential chaat corner is just impossible to miss. It’s as though no Indian wedding would be complete without a chaat zone with mouthwatering masaaledar teekhi chaat. Some of the essential chaat foods that you must provide are golgappas, tikkis, papdi bhalla, pav bhaji, and bhel puri.


Pizza and Pasta den:

Without a doubt, these cannot be skipped. They are all-time favorites and have been a staple of Indian weddings for a very long time. And we don’t see them becoming less well-liked anytime soon.

Have you have any more delectable foods to add to the list? Leave a comment below!