The New Normal – A Guide To Pandemic Weddings


Love is in the air, and so the coronavirus. It’s been extremely stressful to know that everything has been shortened since the pandemic. According to the industrial survey of 2020, all the cities banned social gatherings as per social distancing guidelines, and this led to slow down the wedding industry. The revenue was getting reduced as many couples were postponing the wedding or getting married within their close friends and family circles.

Decades ago, it was very normal to see the families of the bride taking the responsibility to plan a wedding in every detail. Taking charge of the theme. Decor, outfits and everything else. However, in recent times the couples are seen taking the initiative to plan and organize their wedding. They wanted every single detail representing them, and even the destination they picked wanted them to tell a story about their wedding. But destination weddings and pre-wedding photo-shoots seem not much economical and not being safer due to the current outbreak. Yet during the pandemic these shoots have become little less popular, still a couple opt for short travels.

What you want to know about Omicron: This variant which is fast spreading among other Delta Variants of Covid – 19 is one of the dominant in the United States. It spreads regardless of vaccination status depending on the age and other health conditions. We could see that you are panicking, not to worry we got you covered with a few guidelines you could follow to have a safer wedding

Safety isn’t expensive it is priceless :

Yeah! While the pandemic has not completely gone, taking up little safety measures at the most important event of your life is something priceless. It is absolutely essential to follow some safety measures. While being vaccinated is the first foremost thing you and your guest should be doing, yet request your guest to take a test before and after the wedding. Instead of inviting the guest with tilak and sweets, make sure the wedding venue has sanitization stations and masks and a welcoming Namaste rather than shaking hands. This is a little reminder to your guest that safety first. Making changes in the menu like using more, or less cold drinks can also be beneficial. Perform a Covid test to all the staff prior to the wedding which can minimize the risk of getting infected. Make sure to follow all the protocols meticulously.

Limit your Invitation:

We know how significant your guests are at your wedding. While you make sure not to miss any significant person try to jot down and shrink your list. Limit the head count from 50-100. You don’t have to feel bad that you are compromising on your guest on your big day. Even though the guests are minimal you can make sure you give them the best experience. You can also arrange some virtual connections for all the guests who have been missed. If you are unable to cut down your guest, we recommend you to divide your guest list and invite them to different ceremonies and keep only to the significant list only for the main ceremony.

Destination wedding - A big halt:

After the outbreak of pandemic and closing of international borders, the destination weddings came to a halt. The fear of pandemic has made people choose close and drivable locations. The overall impact of social distancing and lockdown have impacted the destination weddings. Even though the domestic destinations are in, fear of infections stops us from exploring. Some of the popular destinations which you can pick are Jaipur, Agra, and Udaipur. In the recent trends taking up short travels around the vicinity can help you choose to stay close and have a safer wedding. Also choose a location where services are available in case of any emergency. Here are a few destination you could choose


One of the most popular holiday spots that you can choose if you’re interested in blue waters. Spacious villas and alluring nature can keep you all more romantic and all you need is a simple RTPCR test.


Get it done at the queen of hills. Mussoorie being the most popular hill station, getting nature in abundance and planning for a romantic wedding is not much of an issue. Coming to the covid protocols, just taking a negative RTPCR and wearing masks will help you achieve your dream of destination wedding.

Rajasthan :

Some of the most beautiful places where you can have authentic classic weddings are Udaipur, Jaipur and Jodhpur. At Zero Gravity we have added Jaipur as our important destination wedding venues post covid outbreak.

Pre wedding Precautions:

Earlier Indian families are anxious on couple travels before weddings, the concept of pre wedding photo-shoots have been a well-accepted concept which allows them to get their personal space to understand each other better without any distractions. Since the outbreak of Pandemic, families are more concerned to send couples to their private spaces fearing infections. Opt for shorter duration flights and look for not crowded places where nature is in abundance.

“Change is Constant” isn’t it ? Yes we may not know what comes forward. All we can expect is that regulations and restrictions can differ tomorrow. Even wedding planners have started adapting to the new normal, yet we are still waiting for the weddings to come back in full force. We are hoping for a new beginning as that is our only light to make things better.