Strange Wedding Traditions Practiced In India


Indian weddings are full of grandeur and luxury. From traditional food to rituals, you get to enjoy the extravaganza in everything. Same way the custom and ceremony has its own uniqueness. Being a land of diversity there are strange rituals and customs being practiced all over the country. The emotions attached to the customs and rituals makes Indian weddings more special and unique. The essence of Hindu wedding ceremony is the bond, emotional and spiritual. It is not only the union of two people but the two families. It is important to follow those weird wedding traditions for the couple’s eternity which help them to stay together beyond all the troubles and chaos. Furthermore, it is all about two families coming together with prayers. Let’s have some fun finding some strange traditions that are followed.


Uninvited mothers of Bride and Groom:

As per the Bengali wedding traditions, the bride and grooms mothers are not allowed to attend the wedding due to the emotional attachment which is considered inauspicious. It is considered that the mother has some evil effect on the married life of the child.

The fishy Couple:

It is the oddest ritual in Manipur weddings and in fact the last ritual. It is said that the women of both the bride and groom’s side will release a pair of taki fish into the water which symbolizes the bride and the groom. If the fish move together it is considered that the newly wedded will have a happy life together.

The Pot Balancing:

In the strange tradition of Bihar weddings, the pot balancing ritual is considered to be unusual. Here the mother-in-law welcomes the bride with some earthen pots which she needs to balance on her head. It is considered that the bride has to balance the pots and touch the feet of the elders. The number of pots she balances is considered to be the number of skills she possesses to maintain the future of the family

The Tribal Ritual:

In the peculiar tradition of the tribe, it is said that the groom has to abduct the bride and has to keep her hidden for a year. If this process of abduction is done successfully then the formal wedding ceremony will take place.

Marry the Tree or the pot:

This eerie ritual takes place in the Hindu traditional wedding. This bizarre ritual is done by marrying off the bride or the groom to a tree or a pot, before the actual wedding takes place. It is said that to eliminate the manglik curse of the bride or the groom, the other one has to be married to a tree or a pot which is later destroyed which signifies the death of the first spouse.

Tearing the Grooms cloth:

Isn’t it weird to see someone tearing off their clothes in the middle of a wedding, Isn’t it? But In sindhi wedding tradition it is considered to be a ritual which is called as “saanth”. Here the groom is made to wear a shoe on his right foot and apply oil on his head and then break an earthen pot with his right foot, followed by tearing the groom’s clothes which is said to give him good luck.

Drink the milk and honey:

It seems so natural to have milk and honey, but not in the wedding ritual which is followed in Gujarati Traditions. This peculiar tradition is called “Madhurparka”, where in the Groom is welcomed by the bride’s parents by washing his feet with milk and honey, and then he has to pick up the same vessel and drink the mixture. Seems a little disgusting, yet that is our deep-rooted tradition followed.

The Love for hurling tomatoes:

“All is fair in love and war”, remember the phrase? This wedding tradition is followed in a small town in Uttar Pradesh. Here the groom’s family is not welcomed by rose petals, instead they hurl tomatoes. It is said to be the belief that a relationship which begins with chaos will end in love.

The Nose Pulling:

Pulling the nose may be a funny thing but not in the Gujarati wedding tradition. This funny tradition is called “ponkhana”, where the mother in law performs an aarthi and pulls the nose of the groom to remind him to be humble and grateful while he accepts the bride.

Throwing the Groom in the well:

This bizarre wedding tradition is followed by the Goans in North Goa. Here the newly-wed Groom is taken to a well or a lake throwing him in it. This festival is named as “Sao Joao” and it is said to bring the fortune of fertility to the groom. This is said to be an occasion for the families of the bride to get to know about the groom a little better.

Kashi Yatra:

Well known by the name this ritual is followed at Tamil weddings. Here the Groom, while going to the Mandap or the stage, suddenly changes his mind and acts as if he decides to take an ascetic trip to Kashi to find a bride. Worried about the groom’s decision the bride’s father pursues the groom to take up a married life with his daughter and is welcomed with umbrella and hand fans.

Exchange of Garland:

Weddings are said to be more luxurious, especially in India. Among all the rituals the concept of tying mangalsutra with the priest chanting the woes is considered to be the most important one. But in the tribal region of Assam the groom and the bride just have to exchange the garlands, and they are considered to be married.

Beyond all those strange and weird traditions that are being followed there is a deep-rooted tradition attached to it, isn’t it? This unique tradition is the one which embellishes our distinctive wedding style. Hence, let’s go enjoy the celebration!