How To Choose Your Wedding Photographer: A blog to help you find the right wedding photographer


Wedding is a special love between two souls. It is a ceremony which not only unites two individuals but their families too. It is the beginning of a new environment to share your lives together and stand together to face the world hand in hand.

Your wedding is something that you will cherish forever, so you need to make sure moments are captured with elegance. To help you navigate and enjoy this biggest moment we will help you find the right photographer for you.

Once all the gala is over comes the exciting time to receive your wedding photos. Those little walk down the aisle, little shrinking moments with your soul mate, from the proud dad moments to feeling peaceful, and those little dances your kins had, everything is worth the watch now and forever.

But everything depends on how good the photos are to revisit the memories again and again. So when it comes to choosing the right photographers here are a few suggestions we can give you.

Set the Budget:

How about finding a photographer and finding him not suitable for your budget. Hence setting the right budget is the foremost important task. Set straight your expectations and narrow down a list of photographers that will be suitable for your budget. Relying on face value can lead to disappointments. We recommend you to do some research and make a decision based on some fact full findings. At Zero Gravity Photography we have a budget based on the needs. Yes we have you covered!

Find your style:

Next comes to the beautiful part of selecting the right style which suits you. Not every couple would go for a Bollywood sequel of wedding photography. We would suggest you to sit down with your spouse and find the real style you both would like to go with. We suggest you browse all the wedding styles like the candid, contemporary, classic and artistic and decide what best suits you.

Finding the creativity:

Making a statement through your photos is not an easy task. It depends on the style and creativity that makes a photo special. A spark of the magic wand is necessary. Find how creative your photographers are by checking their portfolio.

Wedding portfolio:

Looking for a wedding portfolio is an important thing to know about your photographer. Taking a decision just by seeing a few photos should not be the scenario. We recommend you to ask the photographer about his journey and his style of taking photos. Evaluate the photographer on how he gives attention to the emotions and his creativity. Try checking on their websites and social media handles which can give you more insight on their work.

Ask for testimonials:

One of the best ways to find a good photographer is by knowing about the testimonials. Ask your friends or friends or friends if anyone has been married recently, if anyone has contact with old clients to know about their experience and comments. A good photographer will definitely have good testimonials he is happy to share with. Ask for questions if the photographer is available for your wedding date or whether they can send a complete portfolio to you and share you the testimonials. Ask the clients how the day went and how the whole wedding journey has been with the photographer. “Always give people more than what you expect” at Zero Gravity Photography, your satisfaction is our priority.

Arrange for Meeting:

Like the whole family the photographer is the one who is going to be with the whole day of the event. So male sure you meet him in person rather than having a telephonic conversation. Make sure to get along with them as it will help you understand more about the photographer, a perfect bonding between you and the photographer will help you to make your wedding a fairytale. At Zero Gravity Photography your convenience is our priority, our deals will not be closed without a direct meeting.

Some key points you should be keeping in mind:

Beware of the deals and services they offer, it would look more realistic. A complete investigation will help you know more about it.

We recommend you to fix a budget and set your expectations. Photography has come up with Latest trends from drones and high definition gadgets. Hence narrow down the list which suits your budget.

Ask them if they have a backup, when something goes wrong.

Compare your findings and their credential, what if it is not matching.

Ask them if they are well known about your venue. If it’s a no then it’s a deal breaker. Select the one who is familiar with the venue as it will help them to experience the best location. Zero gravity can help you!