Capture The Moments Of Your Wedding Day: A Blog About Wedding Photography


A wedding is a grand event in one’s life. Couples have been more passionate on Capturing those special moments and freezing them forever. Earlier at 19 th century the equipment used for photography was bulky, hence wedding photography was largely practiced as a studio event. And as the technology improved, wedding albums started to trend. By the 20th century color photography came into existence but was still expensive. But only after the second world war the concept of capturing the wedding ”event” came into existence, and it was more like a “Documentary photography”.

Wedding photography became a trend at the beginning of the 20th century and the concept of color photography was introduced. Yet it wasn’t cost effective so most of the wedding photography was still practiced in black and white. Now let’s talk about some technology that has been in existence, during the era of negative films, a medium format camera has been used. But today weddings are photographed with digital SLR cameras as it provides quick detection of lighting and creative approaches.

Wedding photography allows shooters to explore their artistic freedom while seeking inspiration from others. Every photographer has a unique style. But here are a few wedding moments to capture from the wedding day.

A good photograph is one that communicates a fact, touches the heart, and leaves the viewer a changed person for having seen it. It is, in a word, effective. ― Irving Penn There are numerous moments in a wedding day for you to capture. Every photo that is taken helps you know the overall story of the wedding day. Here we have gathered a list of those special moments from the wedding day to share.

1. Soon to be Mrs. – Bride getting ready

It’s time to click those special emotions and those little moments of the bride to be. Start taking photos of how the hair is styled, how the makeup is done, those little blushes. Take a note of the little detailing done on her attire. Moments like a bride’s chit chat with the bridesmaid, those little witty jokes, a bride’s emotions with her family. Shots of a bridesmaid clasping a chain over the bride, or arranging the saree fleet shots can also be taken.

2.Groom Getting Ready:

As you did for the bride, click shots of the groom getting ready. Shots like moments when his father or his friends adjust his coat or buttons the shirt. The moments of pride, the emotions of the father seeing his son in the wedding attire, as well as shots of the groom sitting on the couch can also be taken. A fun picture of the king dancing on the wedding day is a great treasure.

3.Candid Moments :

Every love story is beautiful, the best part is recreating those candid moments again on the D- Day makes it more special. There are a lot of emotions attached while taking the candid moments of the couple. It’s like reliving the love story again and helps in making the wedding a fairy tale.

4.Important Detail Shots:

It’s not just important to take only a couple shots, but there are other little details we need to focus on. First comes to the venue, the venue plays an important part in the wedding, focusing the location, the scenery, the artistic approach in capturing the décor adds flavors to the wedding video. It’s not all about just that, taking shots of the bride and grooms attire, creative shots of the “ Thamboolam”, “the Aisle”, “The Mandap” , “the garland”,” the mangalsutra” and most importantly the live shots of the guest , their emotions and the fun they have at the wedding , Because “ Every Detail Matters”

5.The Pre wedding Ceremony:

India is the land of diversity and each wedding has its own distinct customs and rituals. Every wedding has a pre wedding ceremony like the Haldi, Tilak, Sangeeth & Mehendhi. Taking note of all these little details, and capturing the right moments can make the wedding a fairytale. These pictures will remind you of those fun moments with your friends and family, those little romantic glances with your partner, obviously these are one hundredth moments.

6.Making a statement - Portraits Pictures:

How cannot we miss the part of portrait pictures? It’s time to make a highlight of the personal style. Make sure that you strike a pose fiercely like a lion and the lioness, or flirt with a cute romantic glance. Portrait pictures can vary from bridal portrait, groom portrait and couple portrait. Capturing those little moments is much for fun and creating those Bollywood sequels can make a wedding a real fairytale.

Alas! It’s a picture perfect day and that is how the wedding day can be. Wedding photography is all about capturing those special moments with your partner. There is nothing better than making it as a fairytale taking every single moment in detail. Check out our profile at Zero Gravity Photography, We don’t just do photography, we make fairy tales .