Ginni + Aditya: A love story right out of a fairytale


“I’m awake for I keep thinking of you, I sleep so I can dream about you, I’m alive so I can be with you.”


Aditya and Ginni’s classic “meeting my soulmate” tale began in 2013 wherein they met while studying in Scotland. Aditya tells us how they struck up a friendship while working towards their degrees. And even upon their return back home they stayed in touch as good friends, and their relationship blossomed into love over eight years until they decided to tie the knot,” adds Ginni. Their families – initially skeptical – were only supportive when they saw how their faces lit up in each other’s presence.


Needless to say, they were blessed by their loved ones in a ceremony that formalized their union in November 2021. Their love story seems straight out of a movie, with a certain unique of its own in that they were from from different cultures and background. Where most couples would give up easily, Aditya and Ginni’s relationship only grew stronger as they decided to take the next step of introducing their families to one another.


As witnesses to their wedding festivities, they celebrated their wonderful moments with their family, friends, and relatives. Their nuptial journey began with traditional South Indian rites. While Ginni was dressed to the nines, Aditya was dressed as the most dapper groom you ever saw, complimenting his lady love. It was a day full of amazing joy and unforgettable memories.