Aakansha + Gaurav: An Anime wedding come true


Just when people kept talking about Ranbir and Aliaa’s wedding, we got the opportunity to capture something even more beautiful – when it came to Aakansha and Gaurav’s wedding, they nailed their wedding, and each ritual with a theme that was close to both their hearts.9


It all started when Aakansha sat next to Gaurav in her 12 grade, it was then when they both realized their love for each other, and there was no turning back after that. People say that the universe works in mysterious ways to bring two people together – this is what they mean. After dating for 12 years, they have known each other so well that their wedding was a celebration in itself.


After their school Aakansha and Gaurav had to go the long distance, but that only seemed to make their love stronger. When people say that growing together is the best thing you can do with your partner, this is what they mean. They grew up together while also pursuing what they love the most. They both have made each other’s lives easier by just being together.


After years of to and fro, Gaurav decided to get on one knee, and it was the most romantic proposal you could ever imagine. She had flown to India to see him, but this time, it was more than just a mere meeting, he had planned for a surprise at a beautiful location. He asked to pack her bags and took her to Alibaug only for her to find all her friends there, she instantly knew that she was going to get surprised like never before. He locked her inside the bathroom and made her get ready for a romantic dinner where he got down on one knee.


They planned their wedding for a year later, they were fully prepared for what was to come. In Aakansha’s words, “the wedding wouldn’t have been a hit, if it wasn’t for her girlfriends.” She moved back to India from New York, and they were very particular about getting married in an outdoor location, inside the city.


Their hunt for the perfect wedding dress began, while she went for a perfect Sabyasachi Pastel Lehenga, he went for a Sherwani inspired by T’challa from the film Black Panther with his favorite sneakers. Just like their wedding outfits, they were also very particular about their wedding theme, they wanted to get married under a cherry blossom tree. This inspiration came from their collective love for the Anime – Naruto. They recreated the gorgeous wedding from Naruto.


The music and vibe of the wedding was set along with their favorite cuisine. They had a band from Kashmir come for their wedding and the celebrations went on till 2:30 am. Starting from their Mehendi to the cocktail party, they partied hard and there was no stone unturned. It was a Moroccan themed Mehndi while the Cocktail party was Cocktail sneakers.


On the whole, this wedding had a vibe that we didn’t want to miss. Every moment of this wedding was captured with love and the same enthusiasm of the couple.