These Sangeet pictures will make you want to break a leg


What is an Indian wedding without some grooves and moves? Indian weddings are all about fun rituals and traditions. Sangeet is one of the most beautiful rituals in Indian weddings as it helps all of your friends and family come together to enjoy together
The Sangeet is the first of numerous pre-wedding celebrations that take place before Hindu, Punjabi, and Gujurati wedding rituals. Sangeet is a Sanskrit term that means “sang together.” This ceremony is now being followed by many other countries as a type of celebration for the upcoming wedding. It is traditionally celebrated in India as one of the most important ceremonies.

The ceremony is traditionally known to attract exclusively female guests from both sides of the family, but current times have allowed males to engage in the festivities as well. Unlike religious events like the Haldi or sections of the wedding ceremony, the Sangeet is exclusively held to celebrate the couple’s pleasure and delight.


Originally, the Sangeet would stretch for ten days, culminating in the wedding day, but this custom has now been reduced to a one-day celebration to squeeze all of the wedding activities into one week. Before the Mehndi ceremony, the Sangeet ceremony takes place two or three days before the wedding. This celebration includes dances by the Bride and Groom’s relatives and friends, songs are sung in unison by the family’s senior female members with the bride as the center point, and an open dance floor to memorialize the celebrations for the days ahead.


The celebration takes place at the Bride’s home or a separate banquet hall, where the Bride’s family greets the Groom’s family by singing Suhaag, a traditional folk song set to the Dhol’s beat. Female family members from both sides of the family gather to perform traditional songs about the bride and groom. The family’s elders lead the group, dictating the songs to sing at the Sangeet. Punjabi culture is home to this singing practice.
‘Jokes’ concerning in-laws, the bride leaving her parents’ house, and how to have a great marriage are among the songs. The purpose of the Sangeet is not only to celebrate but also to bring the families together so that they may get to know one another before the big day. Relatives and friends of the Bride and Groom choreograph dance numbers to perform for the couple adding to the jubilation of the event. The song and dance portion of the Sangeet is a social bond connecting the two families and to the bride and groom.