Saranya + Nitin: A love that rose with the sunrise


Just when people kept talking about old-school love, this couple had the perfect story to tell when asked how it all started, an old-school digital love story, if you will.
It all started when Nitin sent a friend request to her, he looked at her profile, and it was love at first sight. While he was expecting a response from her, she was expecting a message from another Nitin for some academic advice, so when people say that universe works in mysterious ways to bring two people together, this is what they mean.

All it took was 2-3 minutes for her to figure out that it was not the same Nitin. All it took was 10 days for her to figure out that this was meant to be after she stalked him and figured out that they both share similar interests. They had to continue their long-distance relationship to take this forward.


Their love couldn’t wait anymore, she made the move and flew to San Fransico to surprise him but little did she know that there was a bigger surprise waiting for her in the store. If there was one thing that made her the happiest, it was watching the sunrise, so he had to pop the big question where she feels the happiest. He took her to watch the sunrise at the romantic Vaaranam Aayiram spot while she turned back after watching the sunrise he was on his knees asking her to be his forever.


After that one surprise, all he did was continuously surprise her, even on their big day. He was not only a romantic at heart, but he also matched his words with his actions. He arranged for a beautiful flash mob at their reception while wearing a vest with their couple of pictures all over.
..and it has been the best dance of their lives ever since. The legend had it that all their sunrises and sunsets have been spent together.