Being a vintage bride in the modern world


Real brides are our ultimate style icons, and while Kareena Kapoor may have started the trend by wearing Sharmila Tagore’s vintage sharara on her nikah, Indian women are following suit! Ishita was one of those brides who looked like she stepped out of a Jodha Akbar set because her lehenga was initially worn by her mother over 20 years ago.

Have you ever wished to dress up as a royal queen for your wedding? If the image of a heavy bridal lehenga adorned with intricate jewels is the one that comes to mind when you think of your bridal look, we have a tiny addition to amp up the regal maharani vibes even more! Why not invest in some vintage bridal photographs to capture the luxury of your wedding day?

Indian brides are famous over the world for their lavish wedding gowns and lavish weddings, but aside from these two features that make Indian brides stand out from the crowd on their wedding day, another feature that makes them look genuinely unique is the gorgeous jewelry they wear. The world is drooling over the classic and antique jewelry worn by these stunning brides, and if you want to be a bride who exudes a vintage mood, it’s time to scribble down some jewelry styling tips. We spoke with two prominent figures in the Indian jewellery industry and asked them to provide a list of antique jewellery trends for brides who adore all things vintage. The first step is to inspect the fabric. Fabrics like silk tend to stay up well over time, but most of our mothers wore tissue lehengas, which can tear with time and are difficult to repair.


You could either utilise the lehenga and add embroidery over it, like Ishita did, or have pieces of the embroidery patched onto newer fabric like velvet, georgette, or richer raw silks by your designer. The addition of a fresh dupatta and blouse can dramatically change the style. Adding decorations like a can-can, tassles, and more borders to finish the appearance is also a good idea. Adding a pop of colour to the lehenga, such as a contrasting colour border, can completely transform the aesthetic. Alternatively, a dupatta in a contrasting hue might be worn.


Even if you already have a lehenga, you can wear your mother’s bridal gown to your brother’s wedding—they make fantastic shararas, and shararas are really fashionable currently. Simply wear the skirt with a modernish knee-length shirt and a dupatta to give the ensemble a royal feel.