Things that you can only do during winter weddings

Let’s be honest here – winter is easily the most romantic weather to tie a knot. You may ask why? Well, there are many theories to that but, is there any other season that provides details to set a picturesque scene? Winter happens to be the most under-utilized season of all, and very few weddings take place during that time of the year, so you already have a bonus of making your big day stand out.

There are many ways to embrace the season of love, and here we are listing down a few of the reasons why we should have more winter weddings!

Get cozy!

While summers are for worrying about the sweat-proof makeup and overheating lehengas/Sarees, winters are for embracing and taking advantage of the same things. You can wear your heaviest jewelry and coziest sarees/lehengas just to jazz things up without sweating your face off.

Another reason to enjoy those long rituals

Since winter is a season of love, there are only soothing vibes around your mandap. People are in a good mood as they are not sweating profusely, so they tend to enjoy those long rituals more than you thought. Rituals can be planned and executed with a relaxed state of mind making it convenient to organize big-scale functions. 

Think about the venue options!

As we have established earlier, not a lot of people enjoy winter weddings, so think of all the beautiful wedding venue options you could get that you have been eyeing on for the longest time. The demand is lesser, so it becomes affordable, and there are a plethora of available options to host the wedding.

No tiredness means more fun.

Weddings are not just about planning, there are a lot of new things that come up even on the big day, so having a winter wedding also benefits you in that area. With fewer chances of fatigue and getting tired, you can stay active and work throughout the ceremonies.

More scope for a romantic ambiance

Winters are not a bright season as we all know, so the decors can include more lights and different effects to create the ambiance around to be romantic and worth enjoying. Winters also allow the decor teams to play with various themes and patterns to create something fabulous.