Steps to follow to take care of your jewellery post-wedding


Those pricey bridal jewels, like your wedding gown, are one of your most prized belongings. They were an important part of your momentous day when you started a new chapter in your life. And for those who have spent their hard-earned money on gold, Kundan, or diamonds to look extra glamorous on their special day, it’s critical to maintain the luster of the heavy jewellery. So, here are some pointers on how to care about your bridal jewellery after the wedding.

Keep polishing them

Keep an eye on your jewellery every 6 to 8 months to see whether it needs to be cleaned or polished. Even if you don’t wear the jewellery daily and don’t keep it in a locker, this should be done because dirt can accumulate and need to be cleaned using the above procedure.

Your storage says a lot

Fold the jewellery in a piece of fabric or tissue and store it in a box. Camphor balls can be used to keep dampness at bay. The box should be in good shape, and you should inspect it every six months to see whether it needs to be replaced.

Clean them after every usage

Make sure to clean them off with a microfibre cloth after wearing them and before storing them in the box to remove all dirt and dust. You can use the same cloth that you use to clean your glasses.

Chemicals are your enemies

Spraying perfumes or applying creams to your jewellery is not a good idea. If you’re going to put them on, make sure you do it after you’ve finished your makeup. Jewellery should be put on last and removed last.

Keep them away from direct sunlight

Keep them out of direct sunshine and strong light. Place them somewhere dark and out of the way. Because the sun’s damaging rays can degrade its quality.