5 Tips to remember before you book your bridal makeup artist

So, your wedding is about 6 months away? That means it’s time to book your bridal makeup artist. Trust me, you don’t want to wait, because chances are that your favorite artist that you have been following for so long might get booked by someone else. Plus, you want enough time to figure out what you want and whether your artist is the correct fit.

If you thought you just needed to find an artist and book, well, it’s so much more! Here’s what you need to know before you finalize your makeup artist.

Do your research:

What so many brides don’t realize is that anyone can call themselves a makeup artist in Chennai. You don’t need any formal training, just a few brushes and some makeup and off you go! Scary, right?! Unlike hairdressing, you don’t need a license, formal training, insurance, a contract, or a certificate to start working as a makeup artist. Those who say they’re ‘certified’ or ‘professional’ could have taken as little as a 3-hour course in makeup. 

Check their portfolio, work experience, how long they’ve been in business, their reviews on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Choose a makeup artist with the same style as you:

If you’re a minimalist and don’t wear much makeup day-to-day, then don’t choose a makeup artist who does big bold, glam looks because you will look and feel overdone. Unfortunately by the time you realize your artist is too heavy-handed for your style you may have invested a lot of money and have run out of time and ability to find someone else. 

Do thorough and careful research on the makeup artist’s portfolio pictures, look if the bride’s skin glows and looks realistic, or is it matte, heavily done, and artificial-looking?

Hygiene and Sanitization should be your priority:

With the pandemic going on, it’s important now more than ever to be aware of hygiene when it comes to personal services like makeup applications. You would hope that you could trust a professional to take 100% care in this department but we have been doing this a long time and unfortunately, we have seen some very unhygienic practices over the years.

Ask questions about the sanitation and hygiene protocols of any artist you’re considering. If they seem uninterested in answering your questions or don’t sound thorough enough then move on. Your health is most important!

Look up the products they are using:

Look into what brands Makeup Artists are using. What you want to look for is professional brands and a variety of them. You don’t want a one-brand makeup artist as it might mean the look and finish will suit most but not everyone. You also don’t want predominantly drug store brands as these won’t hold up on a long wedding day. 

Ask Makeup Artists what brands they use, if you don’t know them by name give them a quick Google to verify their quality and reputation.

Don’t make their prices your priority:

Remember it’s not like you’re buying a product here where shopping around gets you the same item at a lower price. When it comes to purchasing services it’s like comparing apples with oranges, you just can’t compare two service providers based on price alone as the result will always be different, the service and personal touch they provide plus their experience.

Read reviews on Google and Facebook and other review platforms. See what words past clients use to describe their experiences, are the clients saying that it was just ‘great’ or did they say ‘she went above and beyond and made me feel and look amazing. I felt on top of the world’.