Tips And Tricks To Remember While Picking Up Your Bridal Outfit For An Intimate Wedding!

One thing that a big fat flashy Indian wedding cannot replace after this lockdown is the warmth and closeness that intimate weddings contain. While intimate weddings were the only choice for couples until February 2020, the post-COVID-19 period will see an undue rise in the number of intimate weddings owing to how special they are. The pandemic that has led to the lockdown in different states has affected the trends in the wedding industry in several ways – one being the types of small weddings that are happening now.

The decor trends, wedding planning process, ways to hire different types of vendors, etc have changed dramatically over the last year. Starting from picking a virtual tour of the wedding venue, couples have been very supportive about the changes. Even the bridal outfits for intimate weddings are different from the outfits that the brides would otherwise pick for a lavish Indian wedding.

As intimate weddings gain momentum and become popular among millennial and Gen-Z couples, we have curated a mood board of outfits for all the wardrobe you need for your intimate wedding.

Floral Lehengas:

The idea behind intimate weddings is to be comfortable and loved. A hand-painted silk lehenga that flaunts the floral print is just perfect for intimate weddings. So pick a lightweight yet absolutely stunning piece along with a matching mask that fits the purpose so beautifully and you are good to go!

Pastel Sarees:

Pastel sarees are always a good idea, especially when you want to keep it light and intimate. Pastel sarees that flaunt intricately embroidered borders with stunning work in golden thread are breathtaking. Paired them with a contrast blouse and mask and they will make for beautiful intimate wedding wear. 

Silk saree as dupatta:

Women can never have too many clothes. But restyling your old clothes makes an excellent option for your intimate wedding attire. You can use a lehenga with a different blouse, pair it with another dupatta to make up for your bridal lehenga. Pairing these clothes with your choice of makeup and hairstyle, the result would be fascinating.

Ancestral Clothes:

Jewelry worn by one generation is passed to the next generation, why not outfits? Families have the tradition of a bride wearing an outfit that dates back to her mother’s wedding or even her grandmother. It is just perfect for these intimate weddings. Style it to your taste and you will fill the air with a sense of ‘Old is Gold’ vibe.

Thrift your wedding outfit:

This is not generally preferred by older generations, considering how highly they value a new wedding dress. But the modern brides are considering a thrift wedding outfit as an option, not only because the ensemble was designed for the same occasion, but also because it is sustainable and might match your taste. You might consider size to be a barrier but there is always an option of alterations and it will always be needed to customize the dress according to your body type.