Surreal pictures with MOTHERS that caught our eyes!

How beautiful is the feeling of watching a plant you’ve watered daily, bloom? How satisfying is the idea that you’ve been a role model for someone who’s on the threshold of beginning a new life? As a wife and a mother, is a part and parcel, women set goals for their children just right. And when the time comes for a mother to bid a temporary farewell to their daughter, all her goals suddenly seem fulfilled. 

This Mother’s day, let’s celebrate a bond that will always stay unfazed. We don’t have to elaborate on the special bond shared between mothers and children, at least not in words! 

There’s no doubt that the wedding day is very auspicious in a person’s life. More so, it is also the most emotional day for the mother of any bride/groom. From being reminiscent of her wedding day to watching her daughter/son begin a family with the values she taught, the wedding day is an emotional roller coaster for any mother of the bride/groom.

Our mothers live to see us happy, but while they bid their daughters goodbye temporarily during ‘Vidaai’, they leave a part of themselves in us. They leave what we’ve valued in them, the lessons we grew up learning, the marriage we saw as the perfect example.

These are a few glimpses of wedding photography shots that you might want to use at your wedding or suggest to someone who’s getting married. Mother – children poses are a must-have in your wedding photo album because the memories it leaves are unimaginably impactful. 

Let us show you a series of the cutest photos that will tear you up and make you call your mum right now.