The ultimate to-do list for your wedding checklist

Do you find yourself sitting with a to-do list or a checklist often? In that case, you are completely organised. Wedding planning can be a little overwhelming, so having a planner and a checklist will definitely make it easier for you.

In this blog, we list down ways as to how you can effectively make a checklist that will take half your burden away from wedding planning.

Sit and decide what’s most important:

Now that you are engaged or your alliance has been fixed, you must be going bonkers over how to properly handle the pressure. The wedding vendors that you have been following up with may or may not take care of your complete celebrations, so take time to sit and sort out every wedding need of yours.Sit back and enjoy the process, reserve a table for dinner together and write down some things that are important to the both of you when it comes to your wedding.

A Vision board is a must when it comes to your big day. Take out those Pinterest images and make a vision board with your desired color palettes, floral arrangements, etc. While you are on it, finish everything starting from the date and guest list to venue “must-haves” and outfits.

Evaluate the pros and cons of your resources:

Dream your wildest dreams before you set a budget to limit them. Since you have prioritized what is most important to you, it should be easy to figure out what aspects you can sacrifice within your budget to make your priorities a reality.

Select the best team of Vendors:

Your wedding planner will not only be able to help you allocate your budget to your priority list, but they also have the insider scoop on the best vendors and probably know what it’s like to personally work with them.

After choosing a planner, start your venue search. Then it’s time for finding your photographer and videographer match. From there, you can focus on your catering, florist, DJ, and so on.

Purchase Your Wedding Attire:

Luckily, you’ve already determined your vision for the day and budget for these things, so you have some parameters to work with. Whether you’re looking for a lehenga or a saree, take your vision board to your local bridal boutique and ask for their help or do some searching online. Once you’ve found the dress of your dream, think bridesmaid dresses and accessories.

And of course, we can’t forget about the groom and groomsmen! We’re currently crushing on colored suits and veshtis, but if you’re looking for something that’s not quite as bold, these unique groom-style ideas are sure to have you looking spiffy.

Personalize Your Wedding Ceremony:

Once your timeline is set and all the logistical details are figured out, you’ll be in the best headspace to start thinking about your ceremony on a more personal level.

We recommend adding personal touches to your ceremony that make it uniquely you. These are the little moments that will make your parents cry and that you’ll remember forever. You may want to incorporate a unique unity ceremony or incorporate readings into the program. Whatever you do, make it true to you as a couple.

Choose the outfit that matches the tone of your wedding:

Choosing an outfit for your big day may seem like the biggest task there is, so list down the colour palettes you want to see on your big day so it will be an easier task for you to choose a bomb outfit that perfectly matches the vibe of your D-day.

Event management that will save all the work:

Your wedding list may seem to go on, starting from your wedding invitation and logistics to photography and catering. Choose an event management company that will completely handle all your big tasks starting from wedding invitations, logistics, hair and makeup, cakes and the first dance after you have taken your vow. Collaborate with them to make sure that your event is as perfect as you have imagined it in your head.

Take a break with a soothing honeymoon:

First thing’s first, take some time to enjoy being married and honeymoon. If you’re not jet-setting right away, now might be the perfect time to start dreaming of a future vacay with your person while enjoying a staycation honeymoon. While you’re anxiously awaiting your photo gallery and a video sneak peek, be sure to tie up these loose ends with this post-wedding checklist.