Not all weddings are similar, but the one thing that constant is Music. No matter what your wedding style or theme is, your music choices will make a difference to them. There are n number of wedding songs that you can choose from, but honestly, the songs need to be of the same vibe as your wedding. We’ve put together this guide that breaks down exactly what you need for your wedding songs list, plus some of the best wedding party songs for every moment, all in one place.

Tamil wedding songs for the kutthu soul in you!

1) Thodakkam Mangalyam from Bangalore Natkal

A typical celebration song that will make you and your cousins groove. The hook steps are sure to keep you and your guests hooked.

2) Ammi Mithichachi from Sillunu Oru Kadhal

That desi beat you can’t get over. Every time you look at this video song you will definitely find reasons to include this beat on your big day.

3) Sita Kalyanam from Solo

Looking for songs that are calm and serene to match your vibes? Here is the right track for you to groove to.

4) Ullam Paadum from 2 States

Marrying the love of your life and looking for the right lyrics to express your love? Here is this heartwarming song for you.

5) Athan Varuvaga from Dum Dum Dum

Set the tone right and pump everyone up at your wedding with this number. Put this song at the top of your playlist and wait for the magic

6) Manamagale from Thevar Magan

Feeling a little appreciative about your bride? This is the track that will make her feeling emotional and special.

7) Kedakkari from Raavanan

Ready with all the wedding preparations? Here’s a song for you to celebrate it with the most celebratory song. If you are up for an energetic entrance, this song definitely should be there on your playlist.

8) Yaaro Yarodi from Alaipayuthey

A dance number for the fun bridesmaid or an eternal advice for the groom? Guess we will only now when we play it on your big day.

9) Mangalayam Thandhunanena from Alaipayuthey

A song to play at the crucial moment of your life. Remember how romantic the scene was, recreate that moment with this beautiful song.

10) Dharala Prabhu from Dharala Prabhu

Is it even a complete playlist if this song is not ruling it? We are sure that you have memorized the hook steps by now and the only thing that’s missing is your special outfit.

Bring your desi-ness with these bollywood numbers!

  1. Mehendi Laga ke Rakhna from DDLJ 

What will suit the mood better than recreating this legendary song itself? Play this song and lose yourself during your Mehendi like there is no tomorrow.

2) Bole Chudiyan from K3G

Do you often imagine yourself to be Pooh from K3G? We know that you do. Do yourself a favour and choreograph a beautiful routine to this number to sweep him off his feet.

3) Maahi Ve from Kal Ho Na Ho

Remember that charming step hook step in this song? Yes, we are talking exactly about that. Make this your go-to song to charm everyone at that mandap.

4) Kabira from YJHD

Your BFFs getting hitched and you don’t know how to send them off? We are here for your rescue, choreograph a heartfelt number to make the bride and the groom feel all the emotions.

5) Dilbaro from Raazi

That beautiful moment when you are saying goodbye to your whole family, especially your parents, play this song to tell them exactly how you feel. 

6) Makhna from Drive

This song is the right mix of those modern beats clubbed along with those traditional ones. Play this song while you enter the mandap to turn those heads with a bomb performance.

7) Didi Tera Dewar Deewaana from HAHK

A quirky number to make your guest’s legs shake. This song is sure to make you nostalgic and put you in the festive mode like it should.

8) Joote Dedo Paise Lelo from HAHK

Feeling like pulling your brother-in-law’s legs? Here is the song that will lighten the mood after you do. Be that cool sister-in-law and welcome the groom the right way.

9) Desi Girl from Dostana

Just like how PC made every head turn during this song performance, you as a bride should do that too. Wear that sexy saree and set the stage on fire with those killer moves.

10) Kala Chashma from Baar Baar Dekho

Sangeet feeling a little bit too traditional than you expected, this is the right song that will bring the celebrations to the right tone with its modern beats and rap lyrics.