Believe it or not, one of the most common things that we have noticed over time is that the most exciting element to shoot in any Indian wedding is the bride getting ready photos. There is something magical about a lovely woman getting ready and becoming a radiantly beautiful woman. The beautiful details of her final look in contrast to her growing nervousness is always a complex landscape to work with.

The process remains overshadowed by the other small events and rituals of an Indian wedding. At Zero Gravity Photography, we insist that you invest time in understanding how to get the best of your wedding photographers to capture this beautiful journey for you.

Here is a pro tip for getting ready shots: Make sure that your bridal outfit comes with a hanger sturdy and heavy enough to handle the intricate embroidery work on it – Try to hang the outfit in creative ways to get creative pictures for your wedding albums.

The bride is the celebrity of the day, so the portraits bring out her charm and grace while making her comfortable being in the spotlight. On the big day, natural light can be used as an advantage to bring out the warm tones of traditional dresses

For evening weddings, the flashes can be used in creative ways that result in some very artful photographs. Bridal portraits can be clicked in the private area, or against a beautiful backdrop. Make sure that your photographer has the time at his hand to be able to click some good portraits for you to treasure.

Here are our top picks for essential photographs you must aim to have captured during your bride getting ready process.