Top 10 mandatory wedding poses of 2020

Finally! It’s your big day, so it’s natural to wonder about the pictures and poses obsessively. Photos are memories that are documented for a long run, so wouldn’t you love to have the best and unique poses for all the ceremonies? These poses have a lot of elements to them, pictures while you’re getting ready or some creative shots during one of your rituals or something unique with the mirror reflections?

The level of creativity you can show while clicking these pictures are limitless, so we thought why not list down a few of these poses that’ll give you a bunch of ideas, we are sure that you’re going to love them all and recreate them in your own style.

Viral quirky poses!

Honestly speaking, weddings and social media go hand in hand these days as we saw tons of poses that went viral on the net for all the right reasons. There is no doubt that today each one of us are on social media and if the content looks relatable, it goes viral. Come up with a simple story or concept that you can easily recreate, you can add some quirky elements to make the pictures look more personalised. The cheerful shots captured by a professional Photographer at the very right moment will win everybody’s hearts! 

Viral quirky poses

Classics with props!

Recreate the moments into your wedding photoshoot to feed the movie buff in you. Starting from using Balloons, bicycles and umbrellas to bikes, smoke bombs and flowers, here we want to show you some of the most quirky props for your wedding shoot that will surely turn your shoot into a fun memorable one.

Classics with Props

Securing the love with a forehead kiss!

Forehead kisses always come off adorable because they convey tenderness and intimacy. Come close to each other making eye contact and then ask your partner to kiss you on your forehead. Although a full-body photo looks good, but a close-up will do wonders.

Securing the love with a forehead kiss

For when you are each other’s lobsters!

Holding hands is such a natural trait for a couples, it can also serve as a great pose to begin the photo session, especially if you are a shy couple. To make this simple pose a bit more romantic, place yourselves a bit far from each other and tell your partner to make eye contact with you while walking towards the photographer. Just make sure that you don’t collide with anything on your way!

For when you are each others lobsters
For when you are each others lobsters

A wide cityscape for the background please!

This is not your cliché possibility, but if you get a chance, take your partner to a beautiful view point from where you can gaze the whole city. When you are at the view point, don’t look at the camera directly with the view as your background but, to make the pose more interesting, stand looking at the view or each other with the photographer taking the picture.

A wide cityscape for background please

Silhouettes for the win!

Look for a location with a relatively clear and beautiful background. To get the silhouette effect, opt for a background with a lot of visible sky in pretty colours and few distracting elements. Candid wedding photographers love to capture silhouettes since they can control the colours, the texture and they get the ability to compose the pictures.

Silhouettes for the win
Silhouettes for the win

Rain! Rain, don’t go away!

Rain adds a romantic effect to the images which work really well with couples. Give your partner an umbrella to share, preferably a transparent one will come in handy because you can take pictures from all the perspectives and you won´t even have to move the umbrella around. Protect the camera (and yourself!) from the rain too!

Rain don't go way

Let the happiness reflect!

If you find a reflective surface such as a mirror or calm water, you can get really creative with your poses. Ask the photographer to introduce the reflection into the frame. You can get symmetric images where the reflection is the same size as you, or you can go for something dynamic by focusing on the reflection and cropping the couple.

Let the happiness reflect
Let the happiness reflect

Dance like everybody is watching!

Dance together and let the magic happen! Create a romantic playlist and dance in unexpected places, it conveys spontaneity and joy. You will feel a bit shy, especially if there are people around you but, you will start having fun soon and this is when you will be able to get those beautiful candid photos.

Dance like everybody is watching
Dance like everybody is watching

Playful banters are lovely!

It brings a feeling of joy, authenticity, complicity, and quirk to the viewers but, be careful because a fake fight or laugh can ruin your portrait. Tell your partner a joke or tell them something that will surprise them. More than taking photos of the action itself it will be nicer if the photographer can capture the reaction.

Playful banters are lovely