These soulful B&W shots of the couple will leave you in tears.

There is a popular quote by Ted Grant- “When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black and White, you photograph their souls.”

And boy, is he spot on. We, at Zero Gravity Photography, hold our black and white photos very very close to our hearts. It is through these portraits that we capture their raw emotions and get to frame them for eternity. Indian weddings are of course well known all around the world for the stunning vibrant hues. But capturing the myriad shades through monochromatic lenses truly brings out the royalty and age-old heritage that is unique to our culture in every frame.

When the rest of your wedding album is a riot of colours, these monochromatic frames stand out beautifully, painting a wonderful contrast, while capturing the overwhelming emotions splendidly. The black and white ‘filter’ is used to attach more weight and importance to those significant moments at a wedding.

The high contrasts and vibrancy of Indian weddings lend a lot of room for images to appear garish. But, the tonalities of monochrome dull the loudness of these images and bring forth only the subjects of the image into focus. And that’s why black and white images are an absolute hit, especially with Indian weddings.

Every photographer’s aim is to tell a story through an image. And we find that the essence of a frame is captured better in a black and white image as compared to a normal coloured one. The absence of colour, removes all distractions for the viewer, bringing only the emotions into focus, thereby aiding in weaving the story together coherently. So whether it is the glistening tears in the darling bride’s eyes while her father makes the wedding toast or the glint in the groom’s eyes when the rings are exchanged, emotions do come out stronger in monochrome.

The best part about these frames though are the fact that they are timeless. They are the perfect framed souvenirs to pass on to future generations. Just unmatched class embodied in every frame.

Scroll down below to see some of our favourite black and white portraits that we have shot through the years!