The Train journey filled with Love and Laughter.

A blog featuring a couple whose idea of a romantic date is on a train.

Photography is a very gratifying profession; it gives you a glimpse of the real and raw experiences of people. For a few days, we become part of a couple’s softest moments and travel to different places with them. The couple in focus is Kavin Nilavu and Ilavarasan and their idea of their outdoor shoot location was one of the most unique we have ever seen! They wanted a shoot done in a train station to depict the subtlety of romance and how love could blossom in even the most mundane things – like a daily commute.

Their story:

The couple chose to take the arranged marriage route and met each other at a temple for the first time. That is when Ilavarasan knew he found ‘the one.’ During the process of planning their wedding, the duo came across our outdoor couple photography pictures and immediately got in touch with us with an interesting proposition.

They were so busy planning their wedding that they did not have time for an elaborate shoot. Instead, they wanted us to recreate the couple photography magic in a train station. The couple is incredibly grounded, and this location was the perfect reflection of their character – unassuming but bursting with activity and energy.

Ilavarasan was initially camera shy, but over time our camaraderie encouraged him to blossom into a confident poser. The couple had such unique and dynamic personalities and we truly enjoyed our shoot with them. Follow our series of pictures that depict a day in the life of this couple that chose to exhibit their deep love for each other in the most real way without the masala of bollywood-esque romance.

Ilavarasan and Kavin making their way into the train station to begin their journey with nonstop candid conversations that gave us several opportunities to capture them unaware.

Hurrah! They have finally got the tickets and are getting set to reach the platform where the train would arrive and take our simply in love couple on a love-filled journey with sweet moments of flirting.

We tried to capture the great aesthetic detail that comes along with the setting of a railway hub showing the couple casually walking up the stairs to get to the platform. We had to make sure the angles were rightly covered and that they both were confident about pulling this off. The interesting part of thing about outdoor shoots in public places is the curious onlookers it attracts.

Kavin and Ilavarasan finally reached the top of the stairs, still lost in conversation. Our goal was to make an album with pictures that show reality: real emotions, real conversations, and real moments. It is hard for people to pretend the camera is not there and be their natural selves, but this couple were such sports, they were pros!

Here we have captured a small moment being shared by the doting pair while they wait for the train to arrive. Their love for each other is so evident in the way they hold each other’s hands. We couldn’t have taken this snap at a better time.

As they have finally gotten on the train, the duo takes a moment to watch the train move and watch the station getting left behind. We love the gentle smile on the couple’s faces as they watch the scenery along the journey. To capture the essence of the place and events, we have used natural light with no manipulation.

Look at the mischievous smile this couple exchanges! We are not sure if telepathy is real, but the unspoken bond between this couple has made us a believer!

Here we captured a very light moment with both sharing glances with a warm smile. It was a beautiful train journey throughout, with the couple floating in a bubble of happiness and love. They were so immersed with each other; they did not even notice time passing them by!

Could the eye contact be any cuter? A wonderful feeling lingers in the heart when even a tiny moment like this with your loved one makes butterflies fly in the tummy.

Kavin candidly clicked as she talked to Ilavarasan. Her beautiful smile lights the whole frame and we captured this timeless snap. We hope you forever stay smiling Kavin!

If love is the treasure then laughter is the key. The compartment had become empty and the couple couldn’t have been more comfortable being clicked. We told them to recollect some funny instances that would bring out real laughter and we kept clicking snaps as they kept laughing. We couldn’t help but laugh with them too because a few of their stories were real rib ticklers.

Love and laughter are priceless gifts and the goal should be to laugh forever with someone you take seriously. For the next picture, the couple got lost in the moment. This gives us some serious #couplegoals.

You know when your hand fits perfectly in each other’s that you have found ‘the one.’ Look at the beauty of our lovely pair holding hands tightly conveying that this partnership is here to stay.

Thank you Kavin and Ilavarasan for making us believe in fairy tales again! There cannot be a better way to capture your essence than this of the two of you smiling.

We look forward to sharing more such interesting stories celebrating love in our journey. Leave your comments below and let us know what your ideal idea of an outdoor date is?