Little Heart Stealers – A blog about infant photoshoots

Parenthood is equal parts rewarding and challenging and the trend to capture significant milestones of a little one’s life is slowly creeping into Chennai. Babies are filled with wonder and innocence and from new-borns to babbling one year olds, this phase is arguably the most magical. But when you look at a screaming baby, you may wonder how you to orchestrate perfect baby portraits but worry not! We have decoded the process for you.


At this stage, the baby is most delicate and requires constant support and supervision. However, the advantage of doing it this young is that the little one is always sleeping so it is easier to capture on camera. There are several creative poses you can recreate with the help of a parent or assistant. When heading for a shoot, make sure you have extra padding like pillows or cushions at hand for the baby. Also make sure that you carry baby essentials like baby wipes, burping cloths, baby lotion (applying lotion on the dry skin areas to avoid editing in pictures), extra diapers and clothes. Make sure to carry a few extra sets of clothes as well, in case of any accidents or a costume change.

At this age, photo shoots can last up to 4 hours as we need to break for feeding or nap time. While the baby is sleeping, make sure the photographer has a macro lens at hand to take close-ups of your new-born’s hands, feet, and other features. The macro shots help in making beautiful collages of your baby’s pictures.

Here are some photos of our new-born posers from their very first baby shoots. Can’t get enough of these cute lil beings? Same pinch!


When your baby turns a few months old, he/she not only grows a bit but also starts developing and discovering new actions. Getting a baby’s attention at this stage requires a lot of patience as they have a short attention span. The best way to get good pictures of them is to let them be and capture natural pictures. Sing their favourite song or let them play with their toys; if all else fails try a good ol’ game of hide and seek.

If you are looking at a themed photo shoot, let the photographer know ahead of time so it can be planned and you have kid friendly toys at hand. To make the best of the shoot, make sure your baby is well fed and rested. A cranky baby can be very difficult to handle. Here are a few of our past shoots for inspiration.


Toddlers are the tiny walking-talking bundles of giggles and screams filled with curiosity. Capturing these curious little things can seem hard but we have it down to an exact science.

  • Be interactive and get their attention by talking to them about their favourite cartoon or toy.
  • Be patient and let them be themselves  
  • Don’t try to control the child to pose during the shoot, an irritated child will not feel like posing.
  • Play with your child and keep him/her engaged to get candid snaps.
  • Avoid chasing the toddler with a camera
  • Avoid using flash and implement the use of natural light
  • Since our models are tiny, it is always better to get down to their level to take pictures.
  • Always be ready and expect the unexpected. Spontaneity goes a long time in creating lasting memories of these bundles of joy.

What tip did you find most useful to tackle baby shoots? Let us know in the comments below!