Lights, Camera, Action! The Bridesmaids take on the spotlight!

It  is very well known that weddings are a gala that celebrate the union of two souls becoming one. We are excited to share with you snapshots from our wedding photography archives – some of the best bridesmaid stills. While the actual stars of the wedding are undoubtedly the newlywed couple, we want to give a shout out to #Team Bride.

Bridesmaids are the lifelines of every bride from helping her with pre-wedding jitters or having back-up accessories at hand! Every wedding is a series of intricate events that the bridesmaids put in motion. Lucky for us, our team of candid photography superheroes are present to capture the magic of these priceless moments.

Essentially nobody knows the bride’s needs better than a bridesmaid, but it is not all work! The celebration of a wedding brings out their fun side and many whacky moments. As the adage goes, no two weddings are alike and we are privileged to be part of weddings from different cultures and have captured amazing candid photographs. Here is a round-up of some amazing women.

1. The One With The Best Bachelorette

 A bachelorette party is the bride’s last hurrah before she embarks a new phase in her life. It is the perfect opportunity for the bride to let her hair down and have fun with her near and dear (not to mention – yet another opportunity for her to be pampered.) This very special series showcases the lighter side of the pre-wedding festivities.

2.The One with the Best Version

The role of a bridesmaid is a serious one – they need to make sure everything is ready for the bride and her family. This emotional time brings the friends, cousins or even siblings closer to each other than ever before! Here are some of the candid shots of unplanned moments on her special day. Be warned – we advise you keep tissues in hand, just in case.

3. The One with the Biggest Moment

Now that the bride has finally tied the knot their duties are almost over. This means it is officially party time! Gone are the days of traditional portraits. Now it is time for the bridesmaids to shine with creative ideas to frame priceless moments for evergreen memories. We had a lot of fun with each picture from our candid wedding photography albums and these are our best ones.

Cheers to the bridal party. Let us know what your bridesmaids mean to you in the comments below.