Best 20 Outdoor of 2k18

There is no such thing as too much outdoors. 2018 was nothing less to what, we, as photographers would have desired to with our outdoor photoshoots. Outdoor wedding photo shoots are regardlessly our favourite. They bring out the best in couples while they also spend quality time with each other.

The prospect of being outside in a place not very crowded led our couples to be at their most candid. A deep blue sky, to a sandy beach, to waves crashing their feet invariably impart an organic, relaxed feel to our couples and their ecstasy re felted in our photographs in 2018. Looking back, we love everything about these shoots! We just couldn’t have asked for a perfect light, mood, set, backdrop and joy in the images. We had the privilege to capture the most precious and playful moments they’ve created like an endless celebration.

So here’s to our playful, candid, impromptu couples of 2018. We are sending you a lot of love. 2019 is going to be filled with more breathtaking couples. We are so grateful to all the you who are letting us record your most cherished days. We can’t wait to capture more beautiful images into 2019.