Best 20 Brides of 2k18

2018 was a year full of happiness and incredible weddings. We were more than blessed to witness the start to so many new chapters with our couples. We held our breaths during all those simply cinematic shots when everything was just so perfect. With the beautiful color palettes, flower petals, music for the right mood and above all, the gorgeously stunning brides!

The brides were fearlessly unfiltered in all their raw emotions like a flower which blossoms for its own joy. Our cameras got those just in time and we couldn’t be more happy about it. They were all parts of being bold, elegant and feminine in an utmost elegant outfit for their perfect day.

Looking back, we love everything about these shoots and the brides! We just couldn’t have asked for a perfect light, mood, set, backdrop and joy in the images. We had the privilege to capture the most precious moments right before they slipped out the words now+forever like an endless celebration.

So here’s to our drop-dead gorgeous brides of 2018. We are sending you a lot of love. 2019 is going to be awesome. We are so grateful for all the brides who are letting us record their most cherished days. We can’t wait to capture more beautiful images.