Silks Sarees

So here I am, a saree lover asked to write a blog about silk sarees. Ok, so first I need to calm down, because the entire idea of sarees makes me all hyper… No, I don’t know to walk properly wearing one… But I honestly do love the way it feels against my skin and makes me feel.

So let’s get down to it… “ Pattu, Resham, Resme “, whatever the term or language, it’s Silk, baby! So I know there is a whole sect of people against wearing silk, because of what we do to the worms, but end of the day it is still beautiful and it is one of God’s creation and Gift if I may say so to mankind. “ no I am not exaggerating!”, have you ever wondered about how these beautiful pieces of art comes into the store? The amount of work and dedication involved into weaving each Saree into a personalised piece is extraordinary. The weavers are all simple and hardworking men and women, who have this art taught to them, transferred from one generation to the next. In the North we have the Benaras silk, in the South we have with flags waving high and proud, our Kancheepuram and Mysore silks. Each an artwork and masterpiece by itself.

It all began in an era where art was valued and the Kings themselves came to the workshops of these craftsman to suggest ideas for the motifs and patterns, we have the beautiful peacock, lotus, mango, elephant designs, which look absolutely regal and elegant, to intricate designs of leaves and flowers. Each saree takes months sometimes even years to finish, and the weavers are nothing short of perfectionists when it comes to their job.

To wear them is a divine experience, you can wear them on special occasions and it can be draped over the body in so many ways. It can be 6 yards of bliss or 9 yards in the case of madisaars… And they look equally stunning, highlighting the best fathers and curves of a woman. A woman in a saree, scratch that… A silk saree definitely looks like a goddess and we cannot help but marvel this work of art. To all the silk saree lovers out there, it’s time you go look in your cupboard and wear those beautiful sarees of yours, they miss you!