Couple Portraits 2018

This here is the list of ZG’s best Couple Portraits of 2018, where we have showcased our services of couple portraits photography,wedding couple photography.
What is that small element about couples that make them the center of attention in a wedding?
Is it the fact that two families are uniting or is it that chemistry, those sparks that ignite between them that makes us want to look at them even more?
It’s all that and more… starting right from those little shy glances to their ensemble to their quirky and impromptu poses and we here at Team ZG have had the privilege to capture those loving moments they share, those warm embraces or the spur of the moment kisses and to frame them in ways that show the world the love they share.
This is our pick of the top 15 couple portraits from our collection and believe us every picture has its very own story and every couple are a superstar in their very own movie and we did our part to capture their uniqueness in the best way possible.