Tejashree and Saran

The blog consists of photographs taken by the Zero Gravity Photography Team and it consists images from our albums of candid wedding photography done in Hyderabad  and wedding photography done in Hyderabad and also a beautiful outdoor photoshoots done in The Windy City of Chicago. Since we are considered as the best wedding photographers in Hyderabad, we do our best to live up to the expectations.

Chapter 1

Our story began when our parents suggested that we would make a good pair. We started having conversations over the phone and well it turned out we have traits that we always wanted our better halves to have.

“The phone calls lasted for more than hour on the first day and over the next few weeks…it turned out that we had spoken for more than 48 hours”

Chapter 2

Our first video call..

We skyped each other for the very first time and somehow everything fell into place…
We couldn’t stay without seeing each other… we made up reasons and excuses to video call…

“Hey, I just skyped to show you my new shirt… how is it?”… He said

Chapter 3

We finally decided it was time we met

We met at a half-way point in Denver because he was from California and I was from Indiana

He had asked me what kind of cuisine i liked and i told him and i couldn’t believe that he actually went through the trouble to find out the best possible restaurant and take me there.

When the day was coming to an end, he asked me the question..

And I didn’t wait or hesitate even for a second I said yes!

Chapter 4

The unexpected trip.

Weeks before we got engaged he told me he had to take a trip to Antarctica.. I knew he had to do it for himself.

We had to plan our entire engagement via emails since there was no option to make phone calls and the emails had a time lag of 6 minutes between each mail and reply. Somehow this trip made us realise how much in love we were with each other and everything worked out well and we planned our engagement.

Chapter 5

We had an outdoor shoot before our wedding in Chicago. The weather was freezing, our photographer took time to show us how to pose because we were complete novices at it. He patiently explained the different gestures and even though it was freezing outside and we had to take time off in between to warm ourselves in the car..the shoot turned out to be beautiful and one experience we will never forget.

Chapter 6

We finally flew down to India for our wedding, we didn’t have any pre-wedding jitters we were at peace mentally and excited to start our new life together. The day before our wedding was Holi we got a chance to celebrate it together and he met all my friends..

The day of our wedding we decided to keep it old school and follow the customs. The bride and the groom were not allowed to see each other before they finally ties the knot. We made sure there were no sneak peeks or texting.. The anticipation and excitement made us relish the moment even more.

And finally we were hitched..