Mother’s Day 2018

Being a mother is not a 9-5 is not a qualification behind your name…being a mother means you have a life you are responsible nurture and care for. A mother is a person who is our solace… who is our problem solver .. She is a person who makes a house a home, she is the person who makes anything bland taste amazing by adding in a secret ingredient called love.

In life we come across a lot of people, a person regardless of his or her size, shape, attitude is always given unconditional love by their mother. She doesn’t care about your bank balance, she might even go the extra mile to provide for you when you can’t. She doesn’t care how old you are, she is always going to ask if you ate enough, if you are feeling fine or not.

Mothers are extraordinary creatures, whether it be in the human species or another specie.. She always cares and nurtures her young one till she feels they are ready to survive on their own. A mother is god’s gift to humanity and all other living things for without her we cannot be who we are today,

She maybe a single parent working all day just to keep you happy,she maybe a home maker who greets you when you come home, she maybe out there in heaven looking out for you guiding you without you realising it.. Mothers are ever present in our lives regardless where we are.. Her thoughts and love for us is always, she is like a beacon of light guiding us in the right direction..

Regardless of the squabbles and the fights, mothers still love us unconditionally..that’s why they say Matha,Pitha,Guru,Deivam ( Mother,Father,Teacher and God).. Mothers are always on top and they deserve it.

So to make this year even more memorable than the last,  the Zero Gravity Team decided to make a special blog just for all the mothers out there..we love your hugs,we love how you tuck us in at night, we love your smile..we think you are the most beautiful people alive. To all the mothers all over the globe, we wish you a very Happy Mother’s Day!